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In Time Of Need: Sound Architects Launches Their First Album

Among the many things that can unite people, an escape from turmoil -- both personal and social -- is what the spectators hoped to find on that fateful Saturday night, well-orchestrated by the

Ben&Ben Successfully Launched Their Self-Titled EP

On December 17, 2016 Teatrino transformed into a calm sanctuary on an otherwise busy and hectic Saturday night. Local singer-songwriter duo Ben&Ben, composed of brothers Miguel and Paolo Guico (formerly

Peryodiko ‘Cara Y Cruz’ Album Launch

To get lost literally because there were so many people on the bus that I can’t see my point of reference in where I should get off at Chino Roces

Yurei’s Random Schizoid Generator Album Launch

On the day of where paychecks rule the minds of the Filipino; where the byproduct of such is a nerve-wrecking traffic jam and strained right feet on gas pedals along

The Riot Act EP Launch

Anarchy has always been an argumentative concept. In this case though we’re not going to talk about the Economic viewpoint; but something far more attached to its raw feeling and

Coeli launches music video for Magkaibigan o Magka-ibigan

  16.08.2016   [Indie] Manila

In collaboration with Blast Off Brothers, singer-songwriter and cellist Coeli San Luis is set to release the music video of Magkaibigan o Magka-ibigan on Friday, August 19, 2016 at the SOMA Bistro, Green Sun. A certified crowd favorite, the song expresses the fear of loving again or the fear of love itself.

Paincake Patrol Album Launch

How does it feel like going to a gig of a band or an artist that you’ve never heard of? Correspondent Dridge Andrade went to Paincake Patrol with a mission: to fill his blank slate and satisfy his curiosity. And that he did.

Lovecore ‘Funk N’ Roll’ Album Launch

We go far South and showed support to funk band Lovecore’s Album Launch at Checkpoint bar! Correspondent Cherise Magante has the scoop!

Squid 9: Weld Album Launch

Squid 9’s latest album Weld had a launch party last July 13. Correspondent and the album launch’s Stage Manager, Jhoi Villamar, gives us a glimpse from the successful event!

MilesExperience Again and Against Album Launch

  15.05.2016   Dan Arciaga-Labayo

EDITOR: Congratulations to MilesExperience for the sold out launch of their first album Again and Against at B-Side. There are a lot of awesome gigs that happened on April 30,