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In Time Of Need: Sound Architects Launches Their First Album

Among the many things that can unite people, an escape from turmoil -- both personal and social -- is what the spectators hoped to find on that fateful Saturday night, well-orchestrated by the

Satchmi Vinyl Day 2017 – Bits and Pieces

If you're a music lover, you'll love this day - most of all, if you're into old-school Vinyl Records. Last Saturday we celebrated Satchmi's 5th Annual Vinyl Day at The

REVIEW: Get Music Indie-Go

“. . . We’re very grateful to be here tonight, to be part of this event; a celebration of this generation’s music. So give it up for all the performers


The Scout Campus Tour blazed a trail to De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde on May 17 following the successful launch in University of the Philippines-Diliman, March 31. Scout chilled

The Ransom Collective TRACES Launch at The Palace Pool Club

Being the first ever victor of Wanderband competition, The Ransom Collective came out as a huge surprise to the Indie community. I remember being there at the finale in Glorietta. They

Montage: Indie Manila’s Nirvana Tribute Night

I’m seeing a pattern with myself and it’s coincidental, I swear (or maybe it subconsciously isn’t). Most of the pieces I’ve volunteered to write for Indie Manila happen to be

Unit 27 X Stages Sessions presents: The Gig Circuit

  9.04.2017   Caloy Encluna

Gig photographer Caloy Encluna shares the highlights of the recent Unit 27 leg of Stages Sessions’ The Gig Circuit.  The 3rd Leg of Stages Sessions was held at Unit 27

A Diary of a First Time Wanderer

Karpos has been producing Wanderland Festival since 2013 but it was only this year I have gotten the enthusiasm to be a ‘Wanderer’. It must be my age and I

The Fair Down South: UPLB February Fair 2017

  27.02.2017   Dan Arciaga-Labayo

I went to the UP Fair down south; was it ever lesser than the one up north? NO. Not in every bit it is not. I have to start with

HIGHLIGHTS: Tagaytay Art Beat 2

We all know that the indie scene is booming nowadays. May it be, movies or music. There are so many gigs happening around us. So, in what way can you