Unit 27 X Stages Sessions presents: The Gig Circuit

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Gig photographer Caloy Encluna shares the highlights of the recent Unit 27 leg of Stages Sessions’ The Gig Circuit. 

The 3rd Leg of Stages Sessions was held at Unit 27 Bar. The venue was jam-packed. The lineup consists of SUD, Dane Hipolito, Kiana Valenciano, Curtismith, Gio Levy, Asch X Value Meal and Keiko Necessario.


Some of the highlights during the night were:

Kiana and Keiko covered a 90’s song.

Keiko Necessario

When Curtismith entered the set of Kiana, the audience went wild. The audience became wilder when they performed “Does She Know” the latest single of Kiana Valenciano.


When Curtismith performed the people were full of energy and dancing to his songs. Skarm added energy to the crowd when he did freestyle rapping.



Gio Levy



Keiko was the last to performed that night. Her selections were mostly love songs which makes the atmosphere romantic. The crowd were carried away by the songs of Keiko.

Indeed it was a night to remember.