Run Dorothy’s ‘Sanguine’ EP launch

EDITOR: Correspondents Jules Ruizol and Bee Lopez talked to Dee, Basi, Bogs, Ino, and Jepoy on the night of their band Run Dorothy’s first EP launch at Route 196. The indie quintet gave us the background behind the tracks of Sanguine and what’s in store for us after their first release.

Finally! It’s heeeeere. It was really an amazing night for Run Dorothy‘s fans and friends. They released their first ever EP under A Spur of the Moment Project at Route 196 on July 30, 2016.

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Sanguine EP

Their EP contains 5 songs about the phases of moving on (I, for one. Can definitely relate to their whole EP. I mean who doesn’t?)

My colleague Jules and I, got to interview the quirky and very charming band. We asked them why they named their ep Sanguine.

Basi:  Kaya siya “Sanguine” kasi parang ‘yong EP kasi, we built it around a concept na kumbaga tungkol siya sa phases during a situation of heartbreak.” “So bale ‘yong mga kanta nagre-revolve sa gano’ng concept. Kumbaga gusto namin ‘yong EP maging parang pwede mong sandalan, para magkaroon ka ng sense ng positivity kahit down ka pa sa gano’ng point ng life.

Jules also asked if they can describe each song.

Dee: Actually, crucial ‘yong pagkakasunud-sunod ng songs kasi ‘yong order na ginawa namin sa kanya, ‘yon na ‘yong phases itself. From “Ghosts” na parang confused pa siya sa kung anong nangyayari sa kanya do’n sa taong pine-pertain no’ng song.”

Basi: Tsaka ‘yong feeling na lost ka. Hindi mo alam kung ano ‘yong nangyayari. Bale ‘yong “Measures” naman, from pagiging lost, siya na ‘yong actual breakup na. ‘Yong lyrics niya as in para siyang dialogue sa isip mo habang nangyayari ‘yong breakup talaga. May mga lines ‘don ‘yong mga tipong gusto mong sabihin habang ‘eto ka na nadudurog, napupunit. Minsan nando’n narin ‘yong sense ng desperation na gusto mo pang maayos.

Dee: Tapos ‘yong “Blankets” parang indirect way kasi wala kaming sinabi na malungkot ako, wala na kami parang gano’n. Para siyang indirect way of saying na mag-isa na lang ako.” “‘Yong “Spaces”….

Basi: Bale ‘yong “Spaces” naman, tungkol siya sa gathering ng courage pero nando’n pa rin ‘yong fear kung paano ka magmo-move on, pa’no mo male-let go ‘yong nakaraan.
Ino: Yong “Frontiers,” kung tama ‘yong pagkakatanda ko is ‘yon na ‘yong gusto na niya mag-move forward although wala pang definite na plan kung paano niyang gagawin pero nando’n na ‘yong urge na “I cannot be in this situation anymore na kailangan nandito na ako sa place na ‘to. Move on na ako.” Pero wala ka pang necessary naka-lay in front of you, what you’re going to do.

I also asked them if they are planning to make new music after their ep launch. According to Basi they’re already talking about it.

Basi: Ako personally, naniniwala kasi ako sa EP. Mas gusto ko ‘yong EP kaysa full-length, at least ‘yong constant release ng EP. ‘Tsaka sa ‘kin, ‘pagka long play, ‘pagka full album, may mga favorite tracks ka do’n eh.” “Yong iba hindi nagagamit.”

Dee: After nito, back to songwriting, of course. Pero wala pang date or wala pa kaming plans on when magre-release ng another album or EP ulit.

Jepoy: Yong iba hindi.. Kumbaga “filler” track. Parang ang sakit lang sa ‘kin na makitang gano’n, na hindi nabibigyan ng atensyon ‘yong lahat ng kanta so gusto ko ng EP para at least konti lang ‘yong songs. Lahat mabibigyan mo ng atensyon. Fair sa lahat.

You can buy their EP along with other bands via shop.asotmp.com.

Of course other awesome bands joined them onstage drum rolls

Fools and Foes were the first band to play for the crowd. They also played a new song for everyone and of course they played some of their original songs for us to enjoy. Which really added to the crowd’s excitement. They are also under A Spur of the Moment Project and they’re good friends with the band.

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Fools and Foes

Nyctinasty, was next. The all girl band rocked the night out with their head banging and exciting music. They’ve been good friends with Run Dorothy for a long time. Dee Cruz, Run Dorothy’s vocalist even sang with them onstage.

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Tom’s Story was the next band to wow the crowd. Everyone enjoyed their music. You wouldn’t mind being in a big crowd as long as you’re listening to them. Mugatu was definitely a crowd favorite.

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Tom’s Story

Of course, before the main course or the main act, we have Tide/Edit. Like Tom’s Story, this band needs no lyrics to make you feel their music. All you need is to listen to them and their instruments and talent will do the talking. All in all, the lineup that night was awesoooome!

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But of course, last but definitely not the least. The main cast, the star of the night. drum rolls again Run Dorothy are up onstage.

and finally RUN DOROTHY // #RunDorothyEP @route196rocks

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They played their heart out for their fans. It was all surreal seeing them on stage so happy. We’ve waited long for this. Their EP launch. Everyone was teasing Basi to cry. That night was filled with different emotions but those were all pure happiness for them. They are one of a kind. They’re down to earth personality got them to where they are.

The band posted an after-movie featuring the highlights from the packed EP launch.


Run Dorothy’s music is your go to music if you’re feeling down, if you’re moving on from a bad heartbreak or if you simply want to enjoy good music. And I know I’m not the only person who is in love with them and their music. I know that they’ll go a long way and they’ll give us more music that we can sway our heads and our hearts to.