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What. Makes. This. Different? Because you could very well argue that this is a line-up of artists that are very visible in the scene. In fact, most of the names in the roster are included in a gig just a few nights before.

So why is INDEPENDENT special?

Stages Sessions’ aim has always been to highlight extraordinary talent and extract the story behind it because; there is always a story to tell. For INDEPENDENT we wanted to go beyond the usual, take the artists from “bar” lights to “spotlights”, if you will. We wanted to narrate and illustrate the process of their creation: “How does it feel hearing the song in your head come to life? If no expense were to be spared, what is the grandest orchestration that you could think up for your songs? What is it about making music that makes you feel alive?”

Those are the questions we hope the show gives answers to as it unfolds. We wish for audiences to see each artist beyond their regular performances, beyond a guitar, backing track or standard set-up. INDEPENDENT aims to unveil their fullest sonic potential on stage. Which is why we decided to give each artist an ensemble consisting of band, strings, horns, and percussions.

INDEPENDENT is the artists’ playground. Albeit for just 3 songs each but, it’s 3 songs that people will never be able to hear that way ever again. For just one night, we’ll be able to hear their songs way they heard it in their head; we’ll feel every emotion in their performance as they go through the nuances of each note and lyric.

We hope to make a difference by showcasing a symphony of raw and real music. With INDEPENDENT we wish to educate, experiment, enlighten, and celebrate our collective independence– our freedom to create.

INDEPENDENT takes place on June 11th, 2017 at 9PM in the Maybank Theater, BGC. Tickets are at P750, P500, and P300 (Tax Exclusive) and are available at the Venue, BGC Arts Online, TicketWorld Online & in Outlets. Join us as we mark our little bit of history.