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“Ano ba ang mas mahalaga?”

Every piece of art starts with a simple thought, and that’s where all these started.

Imagine; sitting on a quiet evening by yourself, scrolling the interwebs – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, what have you. Then you see everybody post what they want; travel logs, bible verses, online stuff to sell, their daily rants, or even random nonsense. So many noises, around you, and beyond.

While we live, we see a lot of things; While we go out of our houses, we see our neighbors leaving their homes too. While we commute, we see students reading, and poring over their notes. While we walk, we see families laughing and spending time together. Or even while we wait for a ride, we see elderly beggars asking for alms and a little bit of mercy.

With all these, we get to ask ourselves:


The Early Ears stuns us with this question, along with their musical kick.

The Early Ears is composed of Ray Maravilla on Vocals, Gelo Zipagan, Prince Bautista, and Gelo Narag on Guitars, and Chi Zipagan on Drums. With the nostalgia of the old, they could’ve been a band playing in the 70’s. The only difference is you won’t hear them in an old-school radio set but on your digital devices. They’re the new addition to our thriving music scene, with sounds as mature as the Arctic Monkeys, but as classic as the Beatles.

They launched their new single, “LANGIT LUPA”, one Saturday night in route 196 with bands befitting a night of revelry; we had Milesexperience, Memphiis, Feel Day, The Oemons, FS/FT and St. Wolf. For those reading this, and wasn’t there to witness all that glory; well, I hope to share our euphoria with you.

The Early Ears Show, as the band titled the night, was a spectacle; starting the night with a killer line-up, it perfectly gave way for the sound that is them. And after all that, finally, (like, FINALLY. The band have always wanted to perform a Filipino song for too long) they performed “Langit Lupa”. It was magical to hear them play this live. FINALLY.

Their last song for the night, was a song they wrote for mental awareness, and they performed it in a unique way – I don’t know with you all, but playing your heart out as if you are making love to your instrument, and ending it all with a disarray of musical instruments and adrenalin ain’t your daily bread.

But hey, let’s go back to the song.

I’ve listened to this song a dozen times before I typed this. Heck, it’s been a while since I actually wrote something for Indie Manila, and writing this brings shivers to my spine because it opened my mind to decisions I otherwise wouldn’t have made if I didn’t know what really is important to me.

The song gave me an avenue to think, realize and define the important things. Shouldn’t we all?

While I revel in its musicality, it also affected my spirituality. Mind you, my dear reader – spirituality doesn’t have to mean religion.

Let’s just put it this way – Our lives will know no direction until we set our minds on what’s really valuable for us. Our spirit will just flow until we give it direction. Until we know that, we won’t know what we have to fight for, and really, that’s where LIVING begins. Whether it’s having a life with somebody you love for the rest of your life, Reaching for your dreams and aspirations, or even simply living a life worthy of the calling you have received.

That’s what the Early Ears is asking from all of us, thru this piece of art.

These began with one simple thought on a lonely night, and that simple thought has gone out, and have affected me. It should affect you too if you let it.

If a simple thought, led this far, brought us here, I am anticipating what else they’d have to say, and what else they can make us feel.

Photos by Janelle Matias; for more photos from the night, click HERE.

Listen to the song thru Spotify! Click HERE.