The Morning Episodes Collaborate With Curtismith and Leanne for ‘DEVIL’

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The aftermath of a late night drinking can be weighty. But for indie artist Miguel Escueta, the path of excess has led to a moment of positive enlightenment.

After one particular crazy fun evening with friends and loved ones at the local pub, Miguel came home and wrote a breakthrough single. With juicy irony perhaps not intended, the new exhilarating track from Miguel Escueta and the Morning Episodes is titled “Devil (ft. Curtismith and Leanne)” (Big House Records).


’Devil’ signaled a new era for me,” affirms Miguel. “It felt like the chains were off—I now wasn’t trying to sound like anybody else, and my music finally reflected me as a full person.”

The song opens with a sweetly melancholic piano figure shrouded in spacy ambience. Next, Miguel’s voice comes in, oozing both vulnerability and sensuality, and the track eases into a slow-burn club groove. The song’s smart arrangement mirrors sun streaming into a dark room filling it with light and the promise of a new day. As the “Devil” unfolds, luminescent touches flow in like chiming indie-rock guitars, a steamy rapped passage courtesy of rising star Curtismith, and heavenly harmony vocals and a provocative bridge from sensational singer-songwriter Leanne Mamonong, one half of the up-and-coming duo Leanne & Naara.  “Devil” is a standalone single right now, but it will be part of a future EP release as Miguel completes a clutch of fresh tracks, including the intoxicating and amorous “Feel The Night.”

‘Devil’ is about lusting after something you can’t have. It’s based on my reflections of people’s Friday and Saturday night activities,” Miguel shares. “There is an electricity in those stories of desire.”

This single, and a select number of upcoming tracks, were written from a unique perspective.  Miguel is an entrepreneur who, along with partners, own thriving nightlife spots in the Metro. This vantage point has not only inspired stories and vignettes for songs, and exposed him to a variety of new musical influences such as EDM, hip-hop, and indie, but Miguel’s business savvy has also helped him take control of his music career. “The entrepreneurial side of my life enables me to think strategically about my music so I can be sure I am giving it a proper push,” he says. “I’ve always been very DIY.”

The Morning Episodes is a project imbued with a collaborative spirit that sometimes includes a band of trusted musician friends and producers. Key members in this artistic alliance include long time band-mate, guitarist and producer Juni Devecais, and producer John Pope, an alumnus of the esteemed Red Bull Music Academy.

More collaboration followed as Curtismith and Leanne Mamonong were brought into the fold. “It was fun and seamless working with Mito and Leanne. We actually just had one studio session with each of them and they nailed their parts down quickly”, Miguel shares. “They really brought the track to a level that I wouldn’t have been able to do so alone. We’re very blessed to have them on the song and I’m very grateful that these 2 young successful artists were willing to share their time, talent, craft and passion for music with me.”

In recent years, The Morning Episodes have garnered traction on US college radio – getting airplay across all 50 states; had songs placed on CBS’s The Young and The Restless, ABC’s Switched At Birth and Brazil TV Box Office Show “Malhacao.” The Morning Episodes have also released the 2012 full-length Never Felt So Alive (Slydoggie Productions), and the 2013 single “Until The Sunrise,” in collaboration with the Filipina-French VJ, actress, TV host, and artist Solenn Heussaff, as part of her critically-acclaimed album SOS (MCA Music Inc.).

It’s sweetly, pardon the term, “devilish,” that a night of cutting loose could sever chains to the past and point the way to fresh creative vistas. But the full picture of Miguel’s inspired outlook also includes some joyous adult life changes. “This music represents a whole new chapter in my life. I’m blessed with a wife and a baby; I’m completing a master’s degree; and I’m proud of my entrepreneurial work,” he gushes. “It all feels like a victory.”