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Anarchy has always been an argumentative concept. In this case though we’re not going to talk about the Economic viewpoint; but something far more attached to its raw feeling and gestures.  Let me elaborate this event for you to experience even a minuscule amount of it.

First off, I think it’s illegal to start a gig with a band like CHOI. I think it’s illegal to give the audience an early shiver downExif_JPEG_420 the spine. I think it’s illegal to defy people’s head-gravity through solid, erratic, and heavy rhythm guitar riffs. I think it’s illegal to pluck/slap a bass so hard that it sends butterfly knives on your stomach. I think it’s illegal to hit the drums so tightly and convulsively; so paradoxically composed and destructive. I think it’s illegal to swirl the empathy out of your audience through divine gestures and on-point vocal strings. I think it’s illegal for my part though, to be so awestruck that i couldn’t even take a single picture of them. I think it’s illegal to start a gig with a band like CHOI. But their humility strikes them otherwise to perform first.

Next on the lineup was Lions and Acrobats and I would say I was met in concordance to their Gods; their ringmasters, Exif_JPEG_420with their sound that was always transitioning from complex lines, dancing clouds, and to ground control breakdowns through their three-guitar lineup. Might I also say that their great syncopation and concentration through the tapping of their delays in accordance to the drumbeats at all times. Also with a tight bass-drum relationship they have, no wonder they can display so much harmonies in skill. The way the vocals dance through the floors of Saguijo and how he holds the microphone add up to his commandeering charm that never fails to capture the essence of their songs’ souls.

 What fell short for me though, and this is through constructive criticism, was Flying Ipis. Although I do quite understandflying Ipis their ideology of their sound, I feel like it doesn’t push through inside of me enough to get into them.  Sure the drumming was on-point, even mindblowingly hysterical at times, and synced in with the bass, the latter doesn’t execute
the basslines well for it doesn’t jump around the scale to fit in the songs at some times. The lead guitar, I’ve got to admit, was clean and thoroughly polished. That’s commendable. However, I do feel that it is compressed in a way that it is repressed in its mix. I believe the way to do it is to let it rage on; to let the licks empower other instruments at times. The vocals, lastly, was decent in a way that through her gestures. She sways the audience to her way, however, some line were deemed repetitive and monotonous to my ears. But, maybe they know their flaws and that’s what makes Flying Ipis, well, Flying Ipis. And some just get it more than I do.

Overall though, it was a decent performance for me.

chicosciChicosci then came through and gave everyone a blast. Through performing some of their classics and merging it with their new ones, they created a sea of flowing bodies lost in their thought and free of their emotions. They know their status in the venue and they completely dominated it through their aura and sound. Even to the point that the vocals was drowned into the mix.

Next up was Give Chance to Run and their upfront, sheer and raw display of talent in front of the stage. Mixed with a nu metal and heavy metal vibe hyped up everyone to the point of leashing them up in stage, hypnotizing them through their malevolent sound of true feelings. Yet, with such a sound comes a collective heart that caters for everyone around them. Especially their fans.IMG_8777

To perform then was a legendary band no other than Valley of Chrome. And that’s when all the people started to headbang and make seismic pools of passion. And although the mic was also drowned into the mix, this time, the audience compensated for it through their devotion towards the lovely band filled
with growls, screams, and riffs of fervor that scatters and implodes through heavenly amps.

MayonnaiseSecond to the last to perform was Mayonnaise. My back and legs were already shaking at this point from standing so much and weight was added so much more when the songs hit me. And they hit me way back home.  With a three-guitar lineup also but, unlike Lions and Acrobats, more cluttered and rhythm-centered. Cosmic vocals of harmony and vibe brings you so much into the sky with a heavy heart. It was then that I had
said at the back of my mind: “So that’s what a Mayonnaise performance is like.” without a jaw.The Riot Act

And if by now you still have a hard time getting the theme of the gig; the ups-and-downs of a feeling – the straights and irony of anarchy – then let us get to the epitome of an Anarchy: The Riot Act. If I were to dissect their set, it was destructive, loud, energetic, and pure. Swinging guitars, The Worm, andfaces filled with angst.

Songs that Will Make You Want to Punch Someone in the Face and Hug Them After So.

It was that crazy, I tell you. But you know what? It’s not as crazy as the highlight of my night:


Drunk Marcus Adoro on an amp and falling after.