Author: Words by Dan Arciaga-Labayo | Photos by Gillian Guerrero Angeles

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A RakFest Memoir

So this is Rakrakan Festival. I didn’t miss it this year, and after going to it this time, I’ll make it a point not to miss the next ones too.

The Magic at Soma Sessions

I’m writing this at around 1 o’clock, early in the morning, listening to songs, trying desperately to recall everything; but nothing can replace the magic of the night I witnessed

Pahina Uno – The Last Leg of Rice Lucido’s EP Launch

I’ll preface this with thanks; It has been awhile since I have covered an event for Indie Manila, and from the start until now I am grateful that I get

The Musiclover’s Guide to Fete De La Musique 2017

  8.06.2017   Dan Arciaga-Labayo

  You haven’t lived a life until you have experienced the Philippine Music Scene, at its brightest and loudest, during a Fete De La Musique Celebration. Celebrating the World Music

Satchmi Vinyl Day 2017 – Bits and Pieces

If you're a music lover, you'll love this day - most of all, if you're into old-school Vinyl Records. Last Saturday we celebrated Satchmi's 5th Annual Vinyl Day at The

REVIEW: Get Music Indie-Go

“. . . We’re very grateful to be here tonight, to be part of this event; a celebration of this generation’s music. So give it up for all the performers

The Fair Down South: UPLB February Fair 2017

  27.02.2017   Dan Arciaga-Labayo

I went to the UP Fair down south; was it ever lesser than the one up north? NO. Not in every bit it is not. I have to start with

HIGHLIGHTS: Apartel’s ‘Is It Hip’ Music Video Launch

Working for Indie Manila, it’s almost always been every month that I get to have a first “something”. Now guys, this time’s “first”, is something else. I guess I’ll be

Coeli San Luis ‘Magkaibigan o Magka-ibigan’ Music Video Launch

Even though it was a month ago, the moment is still in my head, and I can remember it as well as the back of my hand. It was about

HIGHLIGHTS: Kia Beats Day 2 (Rico Blanco)

Fancy Place. Orchestra. Awesome Seats. And Rico Blanco. Who can ask for more? On September 10th, Kia celebrated the 2nd day of Kia Beats Music Festival, an event made to