Author: Words by Eldridge Andrade Jr., Photos by Andre Agar

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Peryodiko ‘Cara Y Cruz’ Album Launch

To get lost literally because there were so many people on the bus that I can’t see my point of reference in where I should get off at Chino Roces

WeReco: Cup Fiction

Cafes always make me want to quiver in discomfort. With all its glory and class put into a confined space, of course a guy like me would be struck with

Brisom Unplanned Music Video Launch

Anonas Street is such a sad street. It’s in-between the forest-like slope of a structure and the busied streets of Cubao. Such normalcy and neutrality. Between these, is 70’s Bistro.

Yurei’s Random Schizoid Generator Album Launch

On the day of where paychecks rule the minds of the Filipino; where the byproduct of such is a nerve-wrecking traffic jam and strained right feet on gas pedals along

The Riot Act EP Launch

Anarchy has always been an argumentative concept. In this case though we’re not going to talk about the Economic viewpoint; but something far more attached to its raw feeling and

Paincake Patrol Album Launch

How does it feel like going to a gig of a band or an artist that you’ve never heard of? Correspondent Dridge Andrade went to Paincake Patrol with a mission: to fill his blank slate and satisfy his curiosity. And that he did.

What’s New at Satchmi Megamall?

Satchmi Megamall re-opens with more food choices, great ambiance, and a wider vinyl selection.

Shoot Lo-fi: Premiere and Awards Night

Correspondent Dridge Andrade set foot at Mow’s on assignment for Indie Manila for the first time to witness the UP Underground Music Community’s Shoot Lo-Fi Music Video Making contest Premiere and Awards Night.