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  6.03.2020   Indie Manila

Sounds like: Over October, Rico Blanco, Carlos Castaño  Touring Manila soon? Yes, late 2020 Most likely to play at this venues in Manila: Social House, 19 East, 70s Bistro, SaGuijo

Win A 2-Day Pass To Wanderland 2020!

  3.03.2020   Indie Manila

WIN A TWO-DAY WANDERLAND 2020 PASS FROM INDIE MANILA AND FROM OUR FRIENDS FROM GLOBE! This contest is only open on Twitter. You must have a Twitter account set to

Race To Wanderland Finish Line: Working Through The Odds To Deliver A Surefire Music Festival Win

  27.02.2020   Indie Manila

A number of International artists cancelled their Asian Tour in light of the COVID-19 affecting a great part of the region. Cancellation of the artists’ respective tours affected a lot

Bawal Clan Collaborated With Mark Nicdao for ‘Palumpalo’ Music Video

  13.02.2020   Indie Manila

Official Press Release from Bawal Clan. Bawal Clan had a great year in 2019 and we have continued exactly where we left off. We continue to break the stereotype of

Music Matters Singapore 2020 – CALL FOR BANDS!

  13.02.2020   Indie Manila

Music Matters Live, one of the biggest Music Showcase in Southeast Asia is back and looking for the next bands, singer-songwriters, duos, and collectives to be discovered! With the likes

All Eyes on Ben&Ben’s upcoming new single and 2 music videos this month!

  11.02.2020   Indie Manila

Official Press Release from Sony Music and Ben&Ben Ben&Ben is showing no signs of slowing down. In terms of consistency, the nine-piece outfit continues to break streaming records and dominate

Space-Ta brings a splash of nostalgia and soul with new single “Sa Piling Mo”

  11.02.2020   Indie Manila

Official Press Release from LockedDown Entertainment After gaining traction in Japan for his viral hit “Merry Christmas From Your Bed,” Filipino multi-genre artist Space-Ta returns with a brand new single

Sabrina Claudio and Novo Amor Cancels Wanderland Performance

  11.02.2020   Indie Manila

Due to routing and schedule conflict, two headlining artists recently cancelled their scheduled performance in Wanderland Festival on March 7 and 8. American singer-songwriter Sabrina Claudio, known for her sensual

Better With Music – Thea Tolentino’s Pursuit of Music Therapy as Mental Health Treatment

  7.02.2020   Indie Manila

MANILA, Philippines – This Filipino pre-school and music teacher is on a mission to bring licensed music therapy to the Philippines (and you can pitch in). Last year, the Department


  28.01.2020   Indie Manila

Official Press Release from Karpos. The San Miguel Wanderbattle FINALS is in full swing to find their striking Wanderband & Wanderartists this coming February 1. The competition takes its final