Author: Words by Jules Silorio Ruizol, Photos by Jed Zulaybar and Jules Ruizol

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In Time Of Need: Sound Architects Launches Their First Album

Among the many things that can unite people, an escape from turmoil -- both personal and social -- is what the spectators hoped to find on that fateful Saturday night, well-orchestrated by the

Montage: Indie Manila’s Nirvana Tribute Night

I’m seeing a pattern with myself and it’s coincidental, I swear (or maybe it subconsciously isn’t). Most of the pieces I’ve volunteered to write for Indie Manila happen to be

Alternatrip Presents: Pop Up the Volume!

In certain given situations, it’s wise to come prepared by doing prior research. However, that’s not the case when it comes to attending a gig, more so when it’s an

HIGHLIGHTS: Kia Beats Music Festival – Day 1 (Ang Bandang Shirley, Motherbasss, Farewell Fair Weather)

This was an experience. That goes for any other musical event but THIS was definitely an experience. I have watched and attended several orchestral concerts and showcases, and when I

WHO’S THAT GIRL: Madonna Tribute Night

Route 196 gave tribute to the Queen Of Pop to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Madonna: Truth Or Dare documentary by curating ‘Who’s That Girl: Madonna Tribute Night’ last August 25.

Back to Black: Amy Winehouse Night

Five years after her demise, Amy Winehouse’s brilliant music lives on. And it was evident by the amount of support the recent Amy Winehouse Night at Route 196 had. Correspondents’ Jules Ruizol and Dan Labayo were there and sang along.

Indie Manila Presents: JOHN HUGHES NIGHT at 12 Monkeys

Typhoon Butchoy left Manila streets flooded but that did not stop Indie Manila correspondent Julianne Silorio Ruizol to brave the rain and celebrate the music from the movies of legendary 80s director John Hughes.