Twin Lobster Discography Now Online

  5.12.2017   [Indie] Manila

Long-dormant independent act TWIN LOBSTER is launching their music across all major digital music stores including Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, and Google Play Music. Before streaming music was the norm, the

Post-Rock Band ‘Odd’ from Dumaguete Release New EP

  25.10.2017   [Indie] Manila

It is not odd to discover new and amazing acts outside of Manila. And when we think it deserves to be heard, you’ll find it here. The new EP from

The Morning Episodes Collaborate With Curtismith and Leanne for ‘DEVIL’

  11.10.2017   [Indie] Manila

The aftermath of a late night drinking can be weighty. But for indie artist Miguel Escueta, the path of excess has led to a moment of positive enlightenment. After one

Candy of Cheats Chats About ‘Crumble’

  12.06.2017   [Indie] Manila

Candy Gamos of Cheats shared with us some interesting facts on what went down during the video shoot of her band's latest single, Crumble.

BP Valenzuela release second single off Crydancer

  22.05.2017   [Indie] Manila

The anticipation for indie electronic artist BP Valenzuela's Crydancer album skyrocketed even more today as she reveals the music video for the second single off that yet-to-be-released LP. Cards is Valenzuela's

The Strange Creatures Release ‘Palipad Hangin’

  22.05.2017   [Indie] Manila

The Strange Creatures, an alternative dream pop band from Manila has a new song out called Palipad Hangin It's a happy-bouncy tune featuring Andrew Santos of Brownman Revival on Sax. Listen

Nights of Rizal releases ‘Little Ocean’ Music Video

  19.05.2017   [Indie] Manila

For his upcoming album summer/salt, Nights of Rizal (Migi de Belen) has been busy repurposing the bright and synthy grooves of the 80s into songs that are fun and danceable,

Ely Buendia and The Itchyworms releases ‘Lutang’

  17.05.2017   [Indie] Manila

Lightning strikes twice for Ely Buendia and the Itchyworms! On the heels of Pariwara , their first-ever collaboration, comes Lutang . The song debuted on April 22, 2017 at the