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Asch’s Mobius: A Poetic Movement

  16.03.2018   Yanan Melo

In a world where electronic music is filled with mumble rappers, lazy trap beats, and uninventive DJs who just keep copying from each other, an indie band has risen from

Munimuni SIMULA EP: A Musical, Technical, and Lyrical Masterpiece

  30.01.2018   Yanan Melo

Two words: Makata pop A very simple phrase that describes the genre, style, and sound of up-and-coming indie folk, alternative rock band Munimuni. Let’s use these two words to describe

Pedicab’s Remuda Triangle: A masterpiece.

  20.12.2017   Yanan Melo

Pedicab first caught my attention when they were featured in Marie Jamora’s excellent film, Ang Nawawala. Their single Ubusan ng Lahi was the very first Pedicab masterpiece I’ve ever listened

CHEATS ‘Before The Babies’: Exciting, profound, meaningful, and awe-inspiring

  11.12.2017   Yanan Melo

Before the Babies is an exciting, profound, meaningful, and awe-inspiring album, conceived within the minds and hearts of alternative rock band Cheats, that doesn’t just start off with a bang

BTTR: A Perfect Soundtrack For Falling In Love

  4.11.2017   Yanan Melo

After the popularly and critically well-received debut album, “Honeymoon”, Jensen and the Flips aren’t planning to stop any soon. Having released their sophomore LP, BTTR, they continue to prove that

Lions And Acrobats’ MUNDANE: ‘Being Human Has Never Been Better’

  26.10.2017   Yanan Melo

Independent Filipino rock band Lions and Acrobats‘ new full-length album,¬†Mundane,¬†does make me feel like I “want to stay under the covers of this gloomy day” after having faced the realities