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Sounds like Fern., Rob and the Hitmen

Are they touring soon? The trio just released their debut album relationsh*t that you can stream to all social media platforms so we are hoping (when the world is back to normal) they will cook up a tour to promote this album.

Best track


ABOUT brb.

brb. are an R&B trio from Singapore consisting of Clarence Liew, Auzaie Zie and Marc Lian. The group came about because of their mutual love for R&B, hip-hop and soul. What started as a “let’s do it for fun” project quickly turned into a legitimate music group after a couple of songwriting sessions, it became clear their creative intentions were aligned. The songs and visuals that accompany are designed to instill a melancholic vibe – this deliberate attempt to capture a certain feeling and mood in the art is what matters most.

The band has released their debut album relationsh*t via indie label Umami Records. Featuring two previously unreleased tracks, ‘do me right’ and ‘better’, and with two singles ‘cool with it’ and ‘talking to myself’ already passing a million streams on Spotify, the EP encapsulates the evocative reflections and textures of a prolific young band rapidly establishing themselves in the r&b scene.

relationsh*t’ is available everywhere at this link:

To know more about brb., visit their Facebook and Instagram pages or their official website at