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Artist management and record label Funky Records is launching not only its brand, but alongside it its first signed artist, Flu.

The label aims to render a full-service approach in building music careers for artists; with management, record production, and live bookings as their three general service pillars. The partners’ varied backgrounds in music business, event production, artist booking, marketing & PR, and creative servicing made the decision to establish Funky Records a no-brainer.

Identifying unconventional talent is what the label is working hard towards. Although personal music biases come into play, the common goal is to work with artists that share the same yearning to go global, opening doors to a fruitful career both in and out of the Philippines. Funky Records aims to do things differently by working not only for their artists, but with their artists. As organic as the label was established by a group of friends who loved listening to music, so was the band formed by a group of friends who loved making it.


Flu is a 5-piece band from Manila, Philippines comprised of Deus Vergel de Dios (vocals), Dieter Bautista (bass), John Rae Rebano (guitars), Luigi Aganinta (guitars), and Randall Enriquez (drums). As a requirement for their Music Production bachelor’s degree, 3 of the members needed extra hands to complete their final thesis project. Their collaboration as a full band yielded them not only the highest available merit, but also the decision to pursue a career in music.

Officially working together as ‘Flu’, the band is currently wrapping up their debut full- length album set to be released in December 2019. With musical influences in motown, neo- soul, funk, and disco (among others), one can definitely expect the unexpected. The band couples their candid songwriting with an overarching ‘feel good’ theme throughout their work. Fresh tunes, vintage soul, sick grooves — guaranteed contagious. Flu.

For updates and inquiries about Funky Records, you may visit www.thefunkyrecords.com and follow their socials @thefunkyrecords. Stay updated with all things Flu at www.flu.band and @followflu on social media.