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EDITOR: We are moving closer to the scene and highlight the fresh new sound that we recommend you check out. For its first edition, correspondent Dan Labayo interviews The Modern Playground. 

Jazz at it’s youngest and at it’s most promising potential; that’s The Modern Playground (TMP), for me.

From Left to Right: Juni Sitaca (Piano) Faye Yupano (vocals), Tim Dadivas (Drums), Kenneth Castillo (guitars), and Josh Tulagan (Bass) form THE MODERN PLAYGROUND, one of the country’s Jazz Bands.

I fortunately got the chance to talk to them about their recent visit to Kuala Lumpur, to represent the PH for the World Youth Jazz Fest Last May.

While their trip certainly had its unique features and moments, talking to them about their music and their take on the current jazz scene here in the PH was both fun and enlightening. I really was not much into Jazz but listening to them talk about their passion for their craft and to them play on stage convinced me that I have been missing alot.

Talking to them also made me realize also just how far a group can go for their music; from the brain wracking video production needed to get them into the World Youth Jazz Fest, the nights they might’ve stayed up anxious to play, all the time they have spent rehearsing. And not just that. They had a lot more to face when they we’re actually there. But did they say anything about how difficult it was? NO. All they have are smiles and laughter about their experience. A living testament that anything worth it is really not easily achievable and in the end, would all be worth it.


Surviving as a Jazz Group here in the PH is not at all easy; it’s not everyday that people tune in to mainstream radio crave for Jazz (Although there are some FM stations that do offer Jazz Music round the clock). So coming out as a Jazz Standard Group is not at all a walk in the park; But TMP is definitely walking it, Albeit the norm. these are guys that do it for passion and for the love of their craft. And do believe me, it shows in their Music.


Here’s the first part of my interview with the band where they talk about why they chose jazz as their genre, and more information about them as a band.