With 100+ Songs: Best of 2010 to 2019 Playlist

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Been thinking of a cool intro for this piece for an hour now. But if one is tasked to work on something that one has never been done before in a huge scale, one ends up not finding the right words to describe the feeling of achieving such feat.

THE TASK, create a 150-song playlist with the best Filipino songs from the past decade.

The instruction was simple but of course, we added additional bits to the task to make it more challenging: try your best to one, represent all genres; two, almost or not at all repeat any artists; and three, use the platform to have people discover those hidden indie gems we love so dearly and eventually open that underground rabbit hole for more listeners.

THE RESULT, a playlist worthy of adding to your everyday listening essentials. The playlist represents Filipino Music’s best contemporary tracks with a balance of top hits and those obscure tunes that are pure home grown you’ll never thought you’d love

Listen to the playlist below, curated and can be streamed from both Apple Music and Spotify!

Hope you enjoy! If you think there are songs that should be on this playlist, send us a tweet @indiemanilalive.