Year-Ender: 10 Most Visually Stunning Music Videos of 2017

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It’s the last day of the year and looking back, despite the setbacks, the music scene still came out glorious. With great full-length albums and EPs released this year alone, you know that the indie music scene and its solid fans and champions are staying for good.

Let us not forget the awesome music videos that have been released that made the past 12 months even more memorable. I personally grew up watching and always anticipating music videos from the Music Television Channel. Music videos either mirrors the song’s message, tells a story, or simply just there to compliment the song, or even not having the slightest connection to the song it was made for. But one thing’s for sure: I live for the visuals.

I am a very visual person. Sometimes I don’t like the song at first but when I see the music video or listen to the band play the song live it changes my perspective. 2017 is not scarce when it comes to visually stunning music videos released by independent band or artist. And I want to share with you the 10 best ones.

The following list is in random order.

Clara Benin – Wine

LOOP – I Want You

Asch – Ashes To Ashes

Reese Lansangan – For The Fickle


Lions and Acrobats – Cloud

Taken By Cars – Turn Of The Tide

Jess Connelly – Turn Me Down

BP Valenzuela feat. August Wah and No Rome – bbgirl

IV Of Spades – Where Have You Been, My Disco?


Does your favorite didn’t made our list? Feel free to share with us your faves in the comments section. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!