Bawal Clan and Owfuck reveal ‘Pating sa Kadiliman’ amid COVID-19

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Official Press Release from Hyphen Entertainment

MANILA, PHILIPPINES ⁠— With a pandemic sweeping the nation in full force, music and multimedia art collective Bawal Clan and hip hop group Owfuck are poised to dish out Ligtas (Safe), their highly anticipated collaborative project. Prior to giving something that most in the country are dying to hear, though,  they released ‘Pating sa Kadiliman,’ the first single off their collaboration.

Rapping in the cypher are Owfuck’s Astro, Lexus and Paul Cassimir, and Bawal Clan’s Rjay Ty, Mic Rahman and DZ SVG. In this single, Pope Fiction, as a part of Hidden Leaf Soundsystem, together with Yung Bawal, showcases his range and individual expressions by producing his version of the hyphy sound from the west coast. 

A Warning to Listeners

Sigurado ka ba sa kinakasama mong kung sino-sino?

– A line from ‘Pating Sa Kadiliman’

Everything might be changing, but one thing remains certain: we have to survive, no matter how dangerous the world turns out to be. There will always be unknown threats around us: predators and menaces — sharks — that present themselves in different ways, shapes and forms. 

The song enumerates them all: the judgmental, the close-minded, those who are fake, even those who only think about themselves, those in power who are abusive, arrogant and manipulative, and the unjust system in general. The message of this single also goes beyond besting all of these and explores the idea that survival goes beyond luck and pride; it entails skill, hard work, and being a person of goodwill and integrity despite the lurking dangers. 

Bawal Clan x Owfuck

Bawal Clan shines as a collective mix of music and multimedia arts specialists that have come together to express their creativity and represent hip-hop from the Philippines in an outside-of-the-box way that individuality is honored. Owfuck, on the other hand, is a group from Tondo, Manila who has been in the music industry as underground and well respected artists for 7 years.

Owfuck (official photo)

“In the past, Yung Bawal would create mixes and upload them on SoundCloud. OwFuck would be one of the talents he would include in those mixes,” shares Pope Fiction. “One day, a mutual friend brought their crew to the studio and it was just supposed to be a one-off project. But the energy was there and it was natural working alongside each other, so an entire project ended up being created.

The collaboration does not end here as Bawal Clan and Owfuck are poised to release two more singles before releasing Ligtas.