Coeli’s Here Today EP: A beautiful dedication to life

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With every swing of her cello bow and every pluck of the guitar, singer-songwriter and maestro cellist Coeli San Luis defines herself as a musician through the soulfully hopeful songwriting behind her debut record, Here Today EP.

Here Today is a surprisingly sincere reflection of Coeli’s struggles and joys – a pensive of thought and memory backdropped by the EP’s endearing folk-pop qualities. With the charming vocals and delightful instrumentals is a brutally honest coming-of-age story about living in the moment, not wasting your time, and embracing who we are as individuals.



Each song is supported by very beautiful poetic writing, but the basic lyrical themes of all four songs are, pretty much, the same: live life and don’t worry about tomorrow. The tracks are basically mirrors of each other or four different vantage points of the same sole subject. Though this is an apparent imperfection, it does not affect the listening experience at all, and the EP still strongly accomplishes what it’s supposed to do: inspire hope amidst the tears of our darkest days.

As we go about the mundanity of our everyday lives, we tend to forget the simple treasures that come our way and take for granted the people who love us so dearly. Yet Coeli successfully reminds us to rediscover ourselves, embrace life, love endlessly, never give up, and reach for our bluer skies.

Here Today is a beautiful dedication to life and a gorgeous testament that reminds us to live in the moment and find hope in the very simple, yet overlooked, joy of experiencing life right now, at this very moment – of just being here today.

“Dito muna ako,” Coeli says, “Dito muna ako.”

We should do the same.


Though the lyrics of the EP’s four tracks tend to be thematically familiar, Coeli still delivers a beautiful artistic work that celebrates human love, laughter, and life.



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