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Cynthia Alexander successfully launched her latest album ‘Even Such Is Time’ to a sold-out crowd at The Music Museum last January 13. The show also features an opening performance by Indie favorites Ben&Ben.

Ben&Ben debut their masterpieces at The Music Museum.

Brothers’ Paolo and Miguel Guico and the rest of Ben&Ben opened their set with their PhilPop-winning entry, Tinatangi, followed by equally powerful songs like Branches, Dahilan, Maybe The Night, closing their set with their anthemic song Ride Home.

Paolo and Miguel Guico of Ben&Ben


Cynthia Alexander thanked her 168 backers for producing ‘Even Such Is Time’ album by playing tracks from the latest release. But what really brought the crowd their collective sighs were the singer-songwriter’s classics like Comfort In Your Strangeness, U & I, Malaya, and The Weather Report.

She also read her favorite poetry in between songs and shared how the intertwined words changed her perspective on life over the past years. It was no secret that Cynthia Alexander left the Philippines five years ago to pursue a career in the US, leaving her loyal fans. She shared that one of the reasons she left was to find the quiet that she’s been longing for.

Mid-set, Cynthia Alexander invited Paolo and Miguel on stage to jam with her. They performed a cover of The Beatles’ Blackbird and Dumaan Ako.

A delightful collaboration from Cynthia Alexander and Ben&Ben was part of the memorable night.

Cynthia Alexander performed an 18-song set and of course, the crowd asked for an encore. She closed her set with Dreams and Owner of the Sky.

‘Even Such Is Time’ is now available for streaming and download on Bandcamp.