Diego Castillo’s Foaming At The Mouth Podcast Is Back!

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After a two-year hiatus, Music community’s favorite podcast by Diego Castillo is back with a fresh episode!

Aaaaand WE’RE BACK! We’ve finally got a brand new episode of FATM! I know, I know… It’s been almost two years since our last proper episode, so hopefully this one will be worth the wait… or maybe not! We’re calling our 1st ep of 2019 “Spin the Black Circle”, since I’ve decided all the tracks on show from now on will be taken from my own vinyl collection. I wanna give a shout out to my better half, Nikki not only for inspiring to do the show again but with getting me all the gear to finally make it possible to do the show! This week we’ve got excellent music from Paul Weller, Adorable, Ramp, Os Mutantes, The Charmels, Chaka Khan, Marie Et Les Garcon, P’Taah PJ Harvey and more! Yes, yes… unfortunately I still ramble on incoherently about the songs, talk a shit load of stories, and the still try to unravel the meaning of life. Thanks so much for listening and please feel free to share or comment! For any info on the bands, requests or submissions email me at foamingatthemouth1@gmail.com