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EDITOR’S NOTE: Every week we will be featuring up and coming bands that we just can’t get enough of and we think are worth discovering. These bands and artists not only come from Manila but in other parts of Southeast Asia and the world. Most of them we’ve seen live or had a chat with them at local gigs in the Metro, or at a conference or music showcases overseas. 

In February, I got invited to Okinawa in Japan as delegate for the Trans Asia Music Meeting and Sakurazaka Asylum Music Showcase. That’s where I met TOSH, the charming young singer-songwriter from Okinawa. He just released his first EP ‘In My Room’ last March. The EP showcased TOSH’s songwriting and indie pop vibe. He’s also amazing and very engaging live. 

Some questions were inspired and lifted from NME’s What’s Your Band Called, Mate?


What’s your band called? TOSH

What do you sound like? Actually, I don’t know. My sound is changing genre every time. It depends on the song because I get bored easily. One thing I can tell you I grown up with ROCK CLASSICS, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Queen. So, my sound based on rock music.

What’s that one song that made you want to write music? OASIS’s Wonderwall. That song changed my life. First time I listened Wonderwall’s pre-chorus i really shocked. And I’ve thought “How beautiful melody? I wanna create like that.” So I’ve started to compose my original song.

What’s been your most memorable gig? School festival stage when I was high school student. It was first time to play in front of crowded audiences. Usually, every teenage players are playing J-pop song. But Me and my band members are playing song of The Beatles, Don’t Let Me Down. Of course, it’s not famous for high school students. But it worked. We got lively.


Tell us something really interesting about you, that isn’t to do with music. I can wiggle my ears.

Do you have any rituals or process when you write songs? I always start with melody. So when I come up some melodies, I save it on voice memo. Next thing is searching best chords for melody.

What do you want to achieve with your music? I wanna play all around the world. No matter with languages. 2020 is really hard to do this by COVID-19. But we’re connecting in the internet right now. So until it ends, I’m gonna write new songs.

If your band had ‘stans’ (superfans, like Lady Gaga’s Lil Monsters, Ben&Ben’s Ben&BenBBs, Reese Lansangan’s Reese Kids), what would the name for them be? Actually, I’ve started my career from this March, so I don’t have superfans right now. But someday I’ll get superfans. I’ll think about it by that time.

How’s your band been coping with the lockdown? YouTube. That’s it.

Where can we see you next? If I’m living in the world without COVID-19. Definitely, I’ll go your country when you call me. But…I really don’t know about this. Someday, I’ll go. I Promise. There is no answer in Japan, too.

What do you want to happen at your last ever show? I want to hold a huge rock concert like KISS, spending a lot of money and playing around the fire. Just for fun to everybody.

Any final words? It’s really hard time for all over the world. We have to hold on and keep thinking about solutions together. Music industry cannot exist without the people. Please take care of yourself.


To know more about TOSH and his music, you may follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.