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Long-dormant independent act TWIN LOBSTER is launching their music across all major digital music stores including Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, and Google Play Music. Before streaming music was the norm, the band would personally craft each album and its packaging by hand and release these to fans at gigs in limited numbers. Nonetheless, their eclectic approach to indie rock gained a cult following, caught the attention of music critics, and made a lasting impact on fellow musicians in the independent scene. Now online, Twin Lobster’s entire catalog – from their first full-length in 2008’s Hell Is the Place Where Flames Grow to their latest single in 2016’s ‘Don’t Argue’ – can reach a much wider audience.

I know it sounds cliché, but Twin Lobster was a band ahead of its time. Drummer Fred Francisco and bassist Marc Inting’s jerky, adventurous rhythms and singer/guitarist Nick Lazaro’s angular, agile fretwork laid the groundwork on which many of today’s local post-rock acts are treading successfully. What these new acts lack, however, is frontman Lazaro’s charisma and showmanship, which even comes across in these brilliant, recorded documents.
Jason Caballa (Pedicab, Cheats / Music Critic)

Twin Lobster use minimum flare and yield maximum results. They are a dream to behold live, and they are a treat to both the casual rock fan and the insufferably critical pundit. God bless those guys.
– Aldus Santos (The Purplechickens, Pamphleteer)

Twin Lobster is one of my favorite bands! I feel very akin to the rhythmic and harmonic leanings of their music and they’re such a thrill to experience live. There’s a bottomless well of exuberant primal energy that the band draws from, which justifies their rare ability to make the explorable territory of a three-piece outfit burst at the seams.
– Howard Luistro (Oh, Flamingo!)

Nick Lazaro’s influence is holistic and immense to me: he has inspired me as a friend, as a mentor, as a composer, as a performer, and, most palpably, as a songwriter. I wouldn’t be who I am as a musician without Nick, and Twin Lobster is Nick’s bleeding heart. I know it’s so much more than that: it is a band with so much energy to spare and so much to give, and I feel it is overdue that they share it with the world! I can recognize those riffs from a mile away. I cherish their songs and their personal impact on my life. I hope others will be able to do the same. Better late than never.
– BP Valenzuela

In addition, current members NICK LAZARO (singer and guitar player), MARC INTING (bass player), and PAT SARABIA (drummer) will be returning to the studio in 2018 to write and record new material. Years past have seen the group function mainly as a trio with founding drummer Fred Francisco. That is set to change as Lazaro, whose work as a producer underscores several hallmark independent acts today (BP Valenzuela, Oh, Flamingo!, Lions and Acrobats, Peryodiko), aims to broaden the band’s scope by adding members to its roster. Look out for the band to not only make a comeback but also expand creatively with more musical elements at their disposal.

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