Race To Wanderland Finish Line: Working Through The Odds To Deliver A Surefire Music Festival Win

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A number of International artists cancelled their Asian Tour in light of the COVID-19 affecting a great part of the region. Cancellation of the artists’ respective tours affected a lot of Event producers, and one of them is Wanderland Music and Arts Festival in Manila.

Karpos Multimedia, the production outfit behind one of the biggest Music Festival in Asia, recently reposted the official statement from the Department Of Health assuring that it is safe to organize and attend public gatherings, meetings, and festivals as all precautionary measures identified by DOH are observed. See the official statement below:

With just a week to go before the festival, the Wanderland Team is set to reach the finish line and deliver an escape from reality and a weekend of discovery and delight any music fan will never forget.

New Set of Artist Lineup

Despite the artists cancellations from Novo Amor, Sabrina Claudio, Raveena, Ari Lenox, and Bruno Major Wanderland was able to turn it around and have equally awesome artists as part of this year’s lineup to fill in the gaps of the unforeseen cancellations.

Iconic homegrown singer-songwriter, Barbie Almalbis, indie-pop artists No Rome, Electronic artist Chet Faker and indie rock-folk band The Paper Kites are some of the awesome acts added to the lineup.

See you all on Saturday March 7 and March 8 Sunday for two wonderful days of Music and Teamwork. Working against the odds, our solid support is with Wanderland.

We are there with you until the finish line.


Official Press Release from Karpos Multimedia and Wanderland on Cancellations and Refunds

We continue to stand with our decision to push through with Wanderland 2020 and put our greatest game plan into action for you, our community. For Wanderers who have already purchased tickets, but choose to sit it out this season, refunds will be provided. 


  • Tickets are refundable only from February 25-27, 2020. Please send an email to [email protected] for the refund process.
  • Qualified tickets for refund are the ff:
    • Regular Wanderer
    • Star Wanderer
    • Wanderbuddies bundle (all 5 tickets)
    • Wanderlove bundle (both tickets)
    • Early Entry Wanderer 
  • Pre-lineup tickets are NOT QUALIFIED for the refund.

To everyone who are 100% set to claim their winning moments with us, THANK YOU. We see you and let’s altogether continue to cheer on the 8th season of Wanderland Music & Arts Festival.

We’re almost there, Wanderers.

We Wander. We Win.