GIG OF THE MONTH: The Buildings CELL-O-PHANE Album Launch

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Who would’ve thought that a fun game of patintero in Guijo St. would lead to one amazing music project. For the month of April, [Indie] Manila puts the Gig Of The Month spotlight to The Buildings and the launch of their debut album CELL-O-PHANE.



The Buildings are a motley crew of kids who play video games watch demented kids’ shows in their spare time. While the great rock bands of the past century incessantly rambled on about heroin and S&M, they ended up singing about Manila’s insufferable traffic and losing a good pair of shoes.

In the early days of The Buildings tenure as a band of collegiates, they played patintero on the streets of Guijo, aided by warm Red Horse beer. Fortunately, the lives of vocalist-guitarist Mariah Reodica, guitarist Alyana Cabral, and drummer Kean Reformado thanks to the valiant efforts of bassist Dominic Zinampan to push them off the road whenever a car passed by at two kilometers per second.


Their debut album, “Cell-o-phane”, was recorded entirely by the band, without a studio. The drums were tracked in the bodega of Mariah’s house, the walls adorned with dusty plaques and family photos.


The other instruments were recorded at Kean’s apartment. It’s not that they didn’t have money (which they actually didn’t), it’s that they looked up to the likes of Merge Records, Pavement, and K Records who did their earlier albums DIY.

Listen the band’s latest single from their album CELL-O-PHANE, Different Shades Of Blue.


The launch party of their debut album, “Cell-o-phane” will be on April 16, 2016 at Mow’s, Matalino Street, QC, with performances by Ciudad, Basement Lung, Yurei, Cheap Vision, and Broken Social Scene.


The physical album will sell for P400. It is also available on Bandcamp.

To learn more about The Buildings, like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

*Behind-the-scene recording photos from the band’s Facebook page.