Bawal Clan Collaborated With Mark Nicdao for ‘Palumpalo’ Music Video

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Official Press Release from Bawal Clan.

Bawal Clan had a great year in 2019 and we have continued exactly where we left off. We continue to break the stereotype of what rap is supposed to be, especially in the Philippines. We’re not just about turning up and acting stupid. We’re not gangsters or pimps, we are artists and businessmen who are serious about our craft. We are trying things that have yet to be explored in the hip-hop industry, and constantly search for ways to expand on our artistry through all mediums.

For Mark Nicdao and Bawal Clan – looking into our separate journeys, you’ll discover an uncommon path, but at some point we found ourselves intersected. Mark has been to a couple of our events, met with us, and it grew from there. What started as an introduction developed into a friendship and mutual respect for one another’s craft. Mark and Bawal Clan turned a creative discussion into an extensive collaboration of music and art, creating a new mix of media. Not only was there a music video, there was an entire immersive experience and an art installation physically placing you in Mark’s and Bawal Clan’s vision.

Collaborating was an organic process without any creative restraint. Nothing was forced and the project took time to cultivate. Mark had full control of executing his vision, while we made sure the end product was up to both of our standards. The entire experience was fun and everyone enjoyed the energy behind every step of it.

The visuals in the video delves into compositions of vivid and lucid experiences paired with symbols and signs with abstract meanings. There are themes of life and death as well as golden skulls and laser beams, but this is art and is meant to leave the interpretation to the beholder.

The cinematography is accounted for with a drastic contrast. Mark’s reasoning for it was because he believed the audience needed a breather. The visual representation of each video was to highlight the differences of the artists and to find the balance of meshing the two. We thought it would be interesting to insert “Palumpalo” midway instead of the typical way of splitting it in two. 

With this project under our belt, we are looking forward to what we can and will create next.