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This year, we will be digging deeper into the scene  and highlight one gig every month. For January, we are putting the spotlight on the band SUD and the launch of their debut album, ‘SKIN’.


A date, a venue, and a detailed shot of a human skin. The first teaser of the 6-piece band’s upcoming album launch definitely had everyone curious.

As‘s Gig Of The Month for January, we will be releasing a three-part feature highlighting SUD as a band, what went down during the recording process of ‘Skin’, and what we can look forward to the highly-anticipated album launch on January 29 at Route 196.


Most of us would easily connect the band name SUD into the band’s frontman Sud Ballecer, but according to the info on their Facebook page, it was the meaning behind his tattoo (From delight we came into existence) that made the band embrace the name overtime.

The band is a mix of technical ammo and a sure fire round of easy to hum to originals that will make you both wonder and understand at the same time. – from SUD’s Facebook page

SUD started out as a three-piece band in 2012 with Ballecer, Marc Reyes on bass, and Jimbo Cuenco on drums.

Chii Balanaa of the now defunct ‘Three.!’, Simon Panaguinton of Hulyo, and Gelo Acosta (who’s currently studying in London) are among the former members of SUD.

Songs like “Safer”, “Profanities” and “Smilky” have created a cult following of their own, are currently being recorded, and more songs keep coming up, consistently being played at gigs. It’s a good sign that the band has no plans of stopping in the near future. With new songs on the way and a logo in the works, the band is set to make a brand of themselves as the “New Surreal”; A statement that could breathe life into itself, simply by jiving to the band at their live gigs. – from SUD’s Facebook page


With numerous lineup changes over the years, the band settled in and is more solid than before with its current lineup: Ballecer still on vocal and guitar duties, Reyes on bass, Cuenco on drums, Kohl Aguilar on piano, Carlos Dela Fuente on Saxophone, Sam Valenia on lead guitars, and Carlo Maraingan on percussions.

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