The Lucky 10th — KARPOS LIVE MIX 10

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I consider 10 to be my lucky number for many reasons. Throughout my life, the number 10 seems to be a recurring element — my name starts with the 10th letter of the alphabet, my birthday is on the 10th month of the year, and I was the 10th student to enroll in the year 2001 — to name a few. And just last November, I was able to add something to that list: Karpos Live Mix 10.

Having known that they’re the first artists signed by Funky Records, five-piece band Flu was definitely something new and exciting to me. Their music was such a sweet surprise, it set just the right vibe to get the rest of the night going. Before that night, I only ever heard about them from some of my friends, but I’m glad to have found some new playlist candy such as “‘93” and “Get Down!”

Now, I’m no stranger to a IV of Spades performance. Unlike the other two acts of the night, I’ve seen these boys a couple of times before — but that doesn’t mean I’m any less excited than the other times I’ve seen them kill it on stage. As part of the Sweet Shadow Tour, they played all the “ClapClapClap!” and some of the older favorites like “Hey Barbara, “Bata Dahan-dahan!” and “Take That Man” under that black and red curtain glow. To top it all off, they performed the crowd favorite, “Mundo,” which never fails to make everyone in the audience emotional. The theatrics of it all was nothing short of magical, and if anything, they just keep getting better and better and what they do best.

We didn’t even realize how quickly time flew by until it was time for Phum’s set. They’ve performed in the Philippines twice already, but for some reason, I never got the chance to go. I guess that made this all the more exciting, especially since his songs are some of the ones I listen to the most on the way to school or work. The second they came on stage, the whole crowd lit up with the brightest smiles, mirroring that of Phum’s. The band’s chemistry was undeniable and their fun and sunny personalities definitely came through their performance. You know it’s a good show when you see people singing and dancing to every song! Phum excited the crowd his feel-good hits, “Lover Boy,” “Long Gone,” and “Hello, Anxiety” before switching it up and doing something he never did before. With just a spotlight and his guitar, he made the crowd swoon with an unreleased track that tells the story of how he imagined his parents love story to be. It was such a raw moment and we were very lucky to have experienced it.

As the night came to a close, I realized that it doesn’t matter if you’re watching someone for the first time or for the 10th time, there’s always something to enjoy. It was a night of discovery, nostalgia, and kilig — the sweetest way to end the year as the 10th Karpos Mix Live. This 2020, why not make it a goal to go to at least 10 shows and discover 10 new songs/artists to add to your playlist?