FKJ Mesmerized Manila in Karpos Live Mix 9

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November 14, 2019 was a night that filled people’s souls in a way that only music can. FKJ and Adoy were the headliners for Karpos Live’s Mix 9, co-presented by Globe held in Vertis North, Ayala Malls.

The first band, Basically Saturday Night, kicked off the night with their smooth and funky sound that got people grooving and dancing on their feet. Basically Saturday Night worked up the crowd and got their adrenaline up just in time for South Korean commercial indie band, ADOY. One of the highlights during their set was their visuals that perfectly fit and complemented their easy-going sound. Lo-fi beats, good instrumentation and smooth vocals kept the crowd’s pace steady while they enjoyed their booze.

ADOY caught everyone’s attention after just the first few notes of their first song; their chill and light songs were easily a crowd favorite. However, towards the end of their set, they cranked it up a bit and that showed that ADOY definitely knew how to get the crowd excited as well. As ADOY neared to finish their set, people were already in the mood to hear the main act of the night, FKJ.

Experiencing the French multi instrumentalist’s music was such a journey. As a musician and as an artist, Vincent Fenton was an excellent storyteller. He didn’t just play his songs, he performed in such a way that you would notice how he orchestrated his chords and notes carefully as if to weave it all in one masterpiece.

Manila, you’re so special… was a line we all kept hearing in FKJ’s spiels in between his songs. It did feel like he meant it because his set felt special because he looked like he genuinely enjoyed performing for us. Although we were grooving to the first part of his set, his upbeat and catchy songs, we felt a shift and touch when he shifted to a more soulful vibe playing just the piano halfway through his set. It was a story he was weaving, and we were engrossed in every second. He continued to take us up and down with him in his journey that night, and we didn’t want him to stop.

FKJ’s set was one of the most exciting sets I’ve ever watched, and although that was fun, one of the highlights would have to be when FKJ capped the night off performing a song with his wife June Marieezy. Smooth and soulful music, they were a power duo enjoying music and performing together. Looking forward to catching their next show here in Manila!