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We are particularly stoked for this month’s Gig Of The Month. The spotlight is on one of the scene’s most successful bands right now — Farewell Fair Weather and the launch of their third music video. Read more to find out more about the band and some exclusive behind the scene photos from the ‘Sakali’ video shoot.

Farewell Fair Weather’s only tagalog song breathes a brand new life with the help of Urbandub’s Gaby Alipe and a CGI-powered music video.


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Farewell Fair Weather is Mic Manalo on vocals, Kim Hue Jin on guitars, Ethan Muriel on bass, and Isagani Palabyab on piano. The band’s current drummer is Mark Villena.


Mic Manalo, the band’s vocalist shared that ‘Sakali’ was rearranged and rerecorded with the help of Urbandub’s Gaby Alipe. She added that Autotelic’s vocalist, Josh Villena, also help out lending his voice for the new version of the track.

Melvin Dantes, the same creative brain behind the band’s ‘Rough Skies’ video also worked on this latest project. The idea of making it a CGI music video came from the Mr. Dantes himself, but the story is a collaboration between the band and the director.

“The music video nods towards remembering what was forgotten: the most striking moments in life that play on emotions,” vocalist Mic Manalo shares about the concept. “It’s like forgetting your lover’s name but knowing the love is there because you see the hope in their eyes.”

The shoot was entirely a different experience for Farewell Fair Weather as it felt more like a festive celebration filled with passionate people rather than actual work. “Whenever we got a good shot of something, the whole team would cheer,” Mic-mic recalls the day of the music video production. “There would be parts where we had to play our instruments four times faster and it had to be totally in sync with the audio. The audio sounded funny when it was sped up so we had to hold in our laughs and give a game face.”

(official press release)

We are thrilled that the band shared these exclusive behind-the-scene photos from the ‘Sakali’ music video shoot. Check it out!

Expect the music video launch to be a fun-filled night of music and visuals as Farewell Fair Weather brings their top game performance with the help of their musician-friends Autotelic, Sud and Tom’s Story. “One unique feature for the night will be the full, un-cut, 7 minute music video,” Mic enthuses. “We will be selling new band merchandise which can also be pre-ordered.”


“Sakali” Music Video Launch is brought to you by Jack Daniel’s Philippines, eo+, Teamworks Studios, Docdef Productions, JB Music and 70s Bistro. P200 comes with a free shot of Jack Daniel’s.

(official press release)

To know more about the event, visit the band’s official Facebook page, facebook.com/farewellfairweather