Dreamy Night with Japanese House and Munimuni

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Karpos Live again served the perfect mix of artists last September 13, as Ourselves The Elves, Munimuni and The Japanese House gave us a whole other experience with live music. The bands complemented each other in building this dreamy night from one performance to another.

As I would always say, there’s nothing like listening to music live. Nothing like letting the noise control your body. You sway, you dance or even just stare as you listen in awe. Every live performance I watch for me is an experience, and just as how changing ingredients make a dish completely different from the other, this combination of bands from last night took me to a state of dreaming.

Ourselves the Elves, truly enchanting, set the mood for the following bands by playing a few of their new songs from their recently released album, “Self Is Universe” and also a few from their EP. the band will be playing in Indonesia by the end of the month and we couldn’t be happier that they could charm more people with their playful riffs and enchanting melodies. They gave us a glimpse at their Universe indeed, and I’m still so hung up on it.

The next band was Munimuni. Their mix of folk, alternative rock and pop reminded me so much of youth, especially how growing up in the Philippines feels like. I couldn’t help but reminisce about how warm and sunny romance and even heartache is here in our country! Haha. Incredibly nostalgic. I’m not sure if I was the only one who felt that way, nevertheless it was an experience unique to them. Listen to their recently released album “Kulayan Natin”, and hopefully you’ll get what I mean.

Finally, the last ingredient to the music-induced “lucid dream” I had was The Japanese House. Popular for her unique genre, I’ve always wondered how she’d pull off her songs live. And man did it blow my mind. It doesn’t seem as complex as how I imagined it, but she had with her this really great band and a perfectly efficient crew. Their sound that night was so crisp and clear from whichever angle you listen from. It just draws you in so much so that you wouldn’t be able to help but to just stop and listen to her. They played crowd favorites, which is practically her whole set, and honestly I can’t say more than the fact that it was amazing. The Japanese House took me deep into my trance and the people I was with that night would agree with me on this: everyone was under her spell and were just so charmed and drawn to her. Basically, how her music sounds like from your earphones is how she sounds like live! Oh what music could do!

That night was a blast for me, I made new friends and danced carelessly with people as careless as I was. Hope you could also come next Karpos Live, or even just the next time there’s a gig nearby to enjoy live music as I did. No matter where you look, nothing beats the comfort your home grown gigs could give you. Til next time! Check the Indie Manila app for gigs near you, and maybe we’d bump into each other. ✨