Cheenee Gonzalez launched her first EP, Windowpane

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Singer-songwriter Cheenee Gonzalez has released her EP entitled “Windowpane” and celebrated it with a two-part gig! She kicked off the first part of her EP launch last September 15 at Saguijo which featured artists like: Asch, First LightElise Huang, Karen Marie and Jorik Katalbas.

She then had the second part of her launch last Wednesday (September 20) at her homecourt, MINT College. One of our contributing photographer and Cheenee’s fellow MINT student, Kimberlee Balmes, takes us through her experience.

As my friends and I entered the venue and settled down I couldn’t help but notice such beautiful words flashing on the screen. It wrote:

“Love ‘til you can’t recall the fear of pain.”

In that moment I knew it was going to be an emotional afternoon (despite the fact that I had a test right after the gig.)


The event started with Moira Cheng serenading us with her rendition of the song Let It Go by James Bay. Followed by Elise Huang who performed a song she never usually sings live, entitled “Hide and Seek.”

Moira Cheng

Elise Huang


Taking a quick break from the feels train, Asch performed his single Ashes to Ashes which released its MV just last month. Pretty much at this point I got kind of worried with my upcoming test so I decided to bring out my notes and review for a bit.


Up next was MINT’s very own alumna, Clara Benin. She performed two of her songs and gave a short spiel about how she always feels like a freshman student whenever she visits MINT.

Clara Benin

Last but certainly not the least, Cheenee immediately captured the audience with her first song Unusual. It contained the familiar lines “love ‘til you can’t recall the fear of pain.” It was beautiful. Windowpane captures the theme of longing for something, hence, the album art. The EP contains four tracks + a bonus outro.

Her second song was Still In Love With You. I’m a bit bias about this one, since I automatically fell in love with the song the first time I heard it during her previous performances. I’m sure a lot of people in the crowd during that time could relate to the song.

The Way It Used To Be was a little too emotional as she dedicated the song to his late friend who inspired the song as well.

Cheenee Gonzalez performing The Way It Used To Be

I wasn’t really able to finish the entire event since I had to leave early due to my exam, but my heart was happy. I’m not really a writer but I just really wanted to share how this event will be one for the books. Congrats ate Cheenee!

You can grab a copy of her “Windowpane” EP, for 200php, during one of her gigs or send a message through her social media sites.