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EDITOR: Autotelic is set to release their second album on October 1. Contributors’ Dan Labayo and Rika Alcasid had a chat with the band at the launch of their music video Gising  where the band talked a little about their album recording process, the story behind their new music video, and what can we look forward to on their soon-to-be-released album as a signed band under MCA Music.

“Yung process of making the music mismo; from simula nung binubuo yung kanta, down to recording it, parang everything for us, parang, is an experience na Hindi siya madali, pero at the end sobrang fulfilling.”

Neil Tin, Autotelic


Everytime I am at a gig and Autotelic is there, it was this song that I was always so looking forward to hear; from their sound check, as they progress on to the lyrics, the moment Josh would sing “GISING NA!” would always complete a regular awesome autotelic set, and hearing them on stage without it feels just incomplete.

Well of course, They have alot more awesome songs but this is something that you could always remember Autotelic with. Dun pa nga lang sa JENG JENG eh. JENG, JENGJENGJENG is Autotelic, even if you forget where song that came from.

Ever since this song came out I think I can speak for everybody that we all have waited for this to be recorded and released so we can put it in infinite repeat in our spotify or itunes or spinnr or deezer, or in our regular MP3 player apps in our phones. And then the day came that it got released in the web, to many a fan’s wish come true. And last August 4 we celebrated the night its Music video was released.

Route 196 was packed. Lions and acrobats brought ROCK to the night as they started that night’s set:


Followed by the SunManager, being as awesome as ever:


Intensifying the already hyped crowd, we now switch to Sirens:


Tom’s story carried the momentum on.


And of Course, the showing of the full length MV of Autotelic’s Gising.

IMG_7881 IMG_7884 IMG_7892 IMG_7893

And then of course, It won’t all be complete without them headlining the night with their songs:


Josh: Yung nag meeting kami for the music video, nung binigay nung direktor ung input nya, lahat kami instant agree eh. ‘uy okay yan maganda yan, nice!’ Pasok siya dun sa lahat nung, bagay na bagay siya dun sa music.

We had the chance to talk to the band after their set, as we asked them how the video was.


IM: as in yung creative process nyo for the MV, parang lahat kayo nag agree, walang disagreements?


Josh: Literally, sabi nung direktor ‘Guys ito ung peg ko for you and concept ko. what do you think?’ GAME! shoot na tayo next week. G! G na, G!

Neil: Di siya halatang shinoot lang ng dalawang araw eh no.

Josh: the first day yun yung actor tsaka yung actress, at inikot nila yung Metro Manila, nagshoot sila. [Tapos] the next day yun na yung band shots. Tapos nagstart yun hapon pa. Yung mga guest din na nag-cameo dun.

Neil: Kaya sobrang kudos sa production team, na grabe yung effort na nilabas nila. Parang two days straight call time nila around 5am pero parang grabe lang yung effort na nilabas nila for it. Sobrang thankful lang kami sa production, sa Nemesis Vision, sa MCA, kay Gab, sa Nemesis, sobrang thankful kame.

Then we ask them about the song:

IM: Yung impression ko kasi sa kanta, managinip tayo na magkasama tayo. Sabay pasok sa Chorus, GISING. Bakit?

Josh: Sa kin lang ano, yung buong takbo ng kanta, para kang nasa dream eh; andun ka dun sa dream na. . .gusto mo ng lahat ng makuha eh.  Pero at the same time, parang di naman siya talaga totoo, so gumising ka na lang sa feeling na yun di ba.

Kai: What’s nice about the video is that it’s adaptable to how you interpret it. Kasi some people can think its a dream, and then the way the song was written kasi was when you’re falling too far in love and that’s just in your head na lang. So parang it can be completely real; I mean my interpretation of the video is its a completely real situation pero this whole, all the dreaminess of it, is just in your head. Not necessarily the whole sequence. but that’s what’s nice about the video is its up to how you interpret it.

Josh: Kumbaga, oo, masakit siya. Pero ayoko naman din i-drown yung feel ng kanta ng puro kalungkutan. Kumbaga tayong mga pinoy din, di ba? Natural reaction natin or kumbaga, coping mechanism natin sa lahat ng pinagdadaanan natin is we just smile ehWe always choose to be happy.

Kai: And then you remain hopeful.

Josh: We always remain hopeful. So yun yung pinaparating din nung music. 

IM: So parang life no, may pagka bittersweet siya.

Josh: Bittersweet! Yun yung eksaktong word.

Neil: Kasi even if you’re going to watch the video and interpret it your own way, Bittersweet din siya eh. Dahil di mo alam kung talaga bang, alam mo yun,  parang nagkaroon ng back sequence na nag mamake out sila sa every dates nila. Pero sa dulo, parang di mo alam kung nangyari ba talaga yun or hindi. Pero sa dulo is “kelangan mo ba talaga umalis?” “OO eh.”

Gep: Isa sa mga interpretation dun sa video is, basically parang kung yung nasa mind ng guy na parang ito dapat ang ginawa nya for every scene. na sana ito na yung ginawa ko bago ako umalis.

Josh: Sana ginawa ko na lahat ng ito.

IM: DDM na DDM. naaalala mo pa yon? 

Josh: Depressing Dance Music HAHA

IM: Curious lang po ako; kasi namention po ni ate Kai sa twitter na, kasi ito po ung first music video nya with Autotelic. So how do you feel being a legit member of the band?

Kai: It’s about time! I waited two years for this! Kinikilig pa rin ako kasi fan nga ako ng band. I’ve seen Misteryoso the video [tapos] you know when I joined the band, sabi ko IM GONNA HAVE TO HAVE A VIDEO WITH THESE GUYS para lang ma solidify yung place ko, para forever na hindi na nila ako makickout or whatever, kasi andun na ako sa video eh. Kahit magkamali ako sa banda, okay lang. Andun na ako sa first video. Ang saya ko ngayon kahit ayon, like what Neil said lahat ng pagod na naexperience namin from shooting to recording the song, it’s so worth it just seeing the reactions of people when the video played. Yung start pa lang, yung JENG JENG JENG, kinanta na agad eh. I got goosebumps! it’s been a running joke, and for people to actually do it, and accept our weird weird sense of humour, it’s so overwhelming and I’m so happy to be in this band.

IM: So given all of this, what can we expect from your newest album?

Kai: Sobrang ganda nya. On the way here I was listening to our first album and I was listening to the new songs, I was like, ang laki ng improvement. It’s something you know, when you’re 50, and then you listen to it, parang shit, we made that. I feel like it’s a big word to use, and its, mayabang na kung mayabang, pero if you ever made something timeless and something we can really be proud of for decades to come and even if that’s is just us who thinks that way, parang OK na ako dun even if people don’t care. . .if people don’t remember our names, i’m just happy if they remember the lyrics.

Josh: Advice ko na rin for the new album, buy the first album tapos compare. 

Gep: Gusto ko bigyan ng shout out sina Chi Balana tsaka kay Mark Reyes, yung Milkhouse Studios; yan yung pinakasolid kasi sobrang supportive nila.

IM: Lastly, do you have any message for all the people who have supported you this far or new supporters?:

Josh: On behalf of Autotelic, sobrang nagpapasalamat kami na naniniwala sila at may tiwala sila sa amin, sa bawat kanta na ginagawa namin, kumakapit sila dun. Alam nila na nagttrabaho kami ng mabuti to create something for them.

Kai: It’s nice that when they tweet us or when they tell us after “guys ang ganda ng songs nyo”. Nakakawarm ng heart rin when they say they can see how hard we’ve been working because we’ve been working our asses off and if the people who watches can see that, it’s really all worth it. And we hope they stick around for what’s next because it’s gonna be crazy and it’s gonna be really GOOD.

IM: Naeexcite na ako tol. Kelan ba, October?


Josh: Quick info lang sa album, maglalaman yun ng 10 songs, pero kung kayanin, 11 songs. But 6 dun bago, and 4 songs dun galing dun sa luma na niremaster namin, niretrack and pinolish namin.

Kai: And the name of the album is Papunta Pabalik.

And we snapped a shot with them along with The band’s manager and NMG head, Gabby Alipe:


As excited and anticipating as they are, we certainly look forward to the 1st day of October where we can get our hands on their album and listen to what we can expect is a very very awesome album from Autotelic, born from their effort and struggles, and inspired by their drive to produce music that is not just meant to bring you back to reality, but also smile along and remain hopeful as you go on.

Click HERE for more images from that night. 🙂