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This year has been a blast so far. New music is something I would never say “no” to, and I hope the same is for you. So here is my list of (relatively) new local releases that, I believe, no one should ever miss!

Oh, Flamingo!

Bottom of This (single)

After an exhilaratingly excellent debut EP, Oh, Flamingo is back with an amazing new single. With the addition of talented drummer Pat Sarabia, the band is just scratching the surface of the deep, immense talent that brews within them. There’s definitely more to come, and I’ll be squealing in excitement for the future of this great band.



Piso Isa (double single)

Local DJ Pamcy Fernandez has turned mundane sounds into groovy beats. She says, “I just try to turn my everyday experiences into beats,” and she delivers precisely. Every sound, beat, synth, and intricacy proves that even the simplest of stories could be told through music. Mark my words, Piso Isa’s grooves are tangible sounds that you don’t want to miss.



Gwapo Ko Galing Sa’yo/Bolero Lang Sila (double single)

A legendary musician boasting his bedroom beats and the lo-fi aesthetic, Eyedress brings out the best of Manila sound with a touch of simplicity and modernity. This Offshore-released double A-Side single is a treasure in its own right and is deserving of the world’s undivided attention.


Mellow Fellow and Teenage Granny

You’ll Be Alright (single)

The bedroom musician is alive, and Mellow Fellow definitely takes the DIY sound to a whole new level. In his own words, “I don’t really give a f**k if people resonate with my music or not,” and it is evident in his music that he just wants to make his own – and it sounds amazing. Also, I heard Teenage Granny recorded her part in this song with an earphone mic (which proves that you don’t have to own really expensive equipment to express yourself artistically).


Jess Connelly (prod. by crwn)

Mine (single)

We know that acclaimed producer crwn and brilliant musician Jess Connelly are a match made in heaven. Having collaborated on such amazing works such as the crwn-Connelly EP How I Love and singles like Under Blankets, they’ve returned for another mesmerising and charming collaboration on this year’s Valentine’s Day surprise titled Mine.



Carried Away (single)

Nicole Joslin, or Joslin for short, is a representation of the phrase “two sides of the same coin”. While one aspect of her musicality showcases her singer-songwriter sound, the other displays a hard-hitting electronic sound that is totally different from the musical style she’s adopted in the past. Driving electro-pop single Carried Away is definitely new waters for Joslin, but she masterfully handles her new sound like a boss.



Escolta – FIL101 (single)

Highly esteemed rapper Curtismith finally releases his very first Tagalog song. Backdropped by dreamy vocals, a minimalistic beat, and pensive guitar strums, the track builds toward an eerie soundscape of love and heartbreak while police sirens blare urgently in the distance. Here’s hoping for more Tagalog Curtismith songs.



Far Out (single)

The title track of her latest album Far Out slowly builds up with questions that ponder the many ups and downs of life. Though the song crescendos to an emotionally satisfying finish, it leaves you with a lingering sense of awe and heartbreak. Not many musicians are able to get you so emotionally invested, but Ruru defies expectations and takes her listeners on a rollercoaster of emotion that never seems to end.



Tahanan (single)

Their debut EP Simula is one of my personal favourites of all time. With their new single Tahanan, our local “makatas” Munimuni continue to tug on the heartstrings with fervor and passion as the saying remains true, “Home is where the heart is.”



IV of Spades (single)

Soaring past the stars with smash-hit singles such as Hey Barbara and Where Have You Been, My Disco?, the iconic IV of Spades have released their long-awaited studio recording of Mundo (perfectly timed with the Valentine’s Day season) proving that they do not just deliver groovy dance anthems, but capture the hearts of their listeners as well.

Man, it’s only been four months into 2018 with eight more to go. I’m already looking forward to a lot of (announced) upcoming releases, but I’m sure there will also be a lot of surprises that we will be getting throughout the year…and that makes me even more excited! Cheers to indie music!