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Official Press Release from Karpos Live

Mix 1 of the Karpos Live concert series came in full circle after a massively euphoric Mix 1.2 show last July—and if it isn’t clear yet, the first mix fully embraced the concept of having local indie and international acts share one stage with each playing a show like it’s their own. That in itself speaks of what Karpos Live is all about—a pure live music experience for music + you. If Mix 1 was telling of what we have in store for the rest of the year, then we’re only as ecstatic as we hope you are.

Photos by Iya Forbes

This month we’re moving on to Mix 2 of 2018, with Tom Misch and Vancouver Sleep Clinic headlining Mix 2.1 on August 23.

While many artists explore various genres in producing records, you don’t come across many who seamlessly combine such different styles into one harmonious masterpiece. That’s what you get when you listen to Tom Misch, a London-based multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter, and Vancouver Sleep Clinic, an Australian electronic-dream pop indie artist.

If you’re new to them, here’s our 3 picks from their repertoire to get started:

Tom Misch brings a blend of jazz, hip-hop and soulful sound that is so unique in today’s popular music scene, we’re all here for it.

  • Beautiful Escape (Beat Tape 2)
    • This track is a head-bopping groovy tune you would low-key bust a move for. Imagine mellow dance club music.

  • Movie (Geography)
    • This track is a soothing and sophisticated ballad that shows off a romantic side to his sound, all while staying true to his soulful roots.

  • It Runs Through Me (Geography)
    • This track is upbeat and funky with a mix of hip-hop that’s just enough to complement the other elements he brings to the plate.

On the other hand, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, or Tim Bettinson, lulls you into a daydream — with a sound that’s more ambient, intriguing and honest.

  • Someone To Stay (Revival)
    • This track is ethereal and vulnerable, eliciting some sort of emotion out of anyone who gives it a good listen.

  • Ayahuasca (Therapy Phase 01)
    • This track is a delicate serenade that starts off acoustically but switches into a synth-driven captivating piece, giving us Bon Iver vibes.

  • Closure (Therapy Phase 01)
    • This track is distinctly hip-hop with a touch of trap beats paired with piercing vocals, showing off what Tim can do production-wise.

Listening to these recorded tracks is already such a treat, we can’t wait to see how they transform on the Karpos Live stage.

Tickets are at Php3,850 exclusive of 7% ticket service charge and are available at www.karposlive.com.

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