Karpos Live Mix 3.2 – An F Sharp and Major Chord

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Official Press Release from Karpos Live

Karpos Live’s Mix 3.2 brings together a harmonious resonance of two tones as one of the local scene’s sharpest Female solo act shares the evening with a foreign solo act tuning to make some Major waves.

In an exercise of commitment, A Song For Every Moon was created with the idea of harnessing every experience in Bruno Major’s months and express love in all its forms. Releasing a song every full moon of 2016 ,the soulful music harnessed vulnerable lyrics resulting to romance in a complete spectrum. His subtle lunacy will be in full view at Karpos Live Mix 3.2.

Every now and then a female voice slices through the industry with an unapologetic sound and a fortified self curation–one of them being Jess Connelly. Jess Connelly has come a long way since arriving in the Philippines in 2007. Over the years, she has made sharp advances towards elevating the local music scene through creating music recognized outside the country.


And after just releasing her latest album, she’s now looking to set her mood on the Karpos Live stage.

Support resonated as the show sold out it’s early bird tickets to the promise of having damn good time. Karpos invites you to be there as these two solo artists serenade the evening with their vision of feeling the music as they play their chord through the instrument that is Karpos Live Mix 3.2.

Tickets are at Php 2,850 exclusive of 7% ticket service charge and are available at www.karposlive.com.

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