5 Interesting Facts About ‘Lutang’ Music Video

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To celebrate the world premiere of LUTANG, the latest single from Ely Buendia & The Itchyworms, here are five things you need to know about the music video:

  • The music video was entirely shot in Baler, Aurora. Ely Buendia & The Itchyworms spent two days at the sandy shores of Baler in the province of Aurora.

  • Jazz Nicolas composed a ‘cartoony’ instrumental of Lutang for the video’s Director’s Cut version. The Director’s Cut of the video has a few more seconds of scenes which features a cartoon-y version of Lutang composed by Itchyworms drummer Jazz Nicolas.
  • Audry Dionisio of General Luna and Apartel’s Pat Sarabia is the Director and the Assistant Director, respectively, of  the entire video. The whole feel of the video was navigated by the creative minds of these two strong ladies!
BTS photo from facebook.com/itchyworms
  • Actor Alwyn Uytingco was one of the video’s Director of Photography. Known as a child actor, one of Alwyn Uytingco’s notable roles is Junfour, one of the main cast of Quark Henares’ cult film Rakenrol. But for Lutang, Uytingco was behind the scenes making sure every shot is awesome as one of the Directors of Photography.

  • Ely Buendia edited the music video. What can’t this guy do? Interesting to see how Buendia tied eveything together!

The music video launch and world premiere of Lutang happens TONIGHT July 12 at Route 196 in Quezon City. Event starts at 8PM. Door charge is P250 that comes with 1 FREE drink.