Soundtrack of Stories: Ebe Dancel’s 20-Year Celebration of Music and Memories

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It takes you back to a series of moments that make up a lifetime told with and through music: the Saturday morning you first hear your dad blasting out Hari ng Sablay while washing his car, or the night you first slow danced with someone while Prom hums from the back of your head, or maybe, the first heartbreak that made you truly cry and as the universe’s attempt to hush your tears,  Dapit-Hapon sings from your shuffled playlist — almost as if it knows what you’re going through. 

Almost as if music is letting you know that no matter what rhythm your life is playing, it will be there for you — in your every chapter, in your every story. 

Through the years, Ebe Dancel has created music that seeps from your ears to your heart, translating his songs into stories. 

Ebe’s story revolves around telling yours through the language of his music. 

Ebe Dancel with the Manila String Machine.

Cuida: ‘Kung akin lang ang mundo, ibibigay ko siya sa iyo.’

Two decades since he entered the music scene, Ebe Dancel shared more of his world to his fans by reliving the iconic music of Sugarfree in his gig last October 15 at the 12 Monkeys bar in Pasig City. 

As a thank-you to those who rooted for him throughout the years, Ebe announced his upcoming, first-ever solo concert, Ebe Dancel with The Manila String Machine, on February 29, 2020 at the Metrotent Convention Center in Pasig. 

Kwentuhan: ‘Samahan ka hanggang lungkot ko’y makatulog din.’

Performing an 18-song set for a full crowd that sang with him through every verse, he paid tribute to the people who journeyed with him through the highs and lows of his career. 

In 2018, he took an indefinite hiatus from the industry because he grew tired and momentarily lost his sense of purpose. Back then, he was almost certain that he’d never play again.

But, music has always been Ebe’s way of touching lives. He talked about how he rediscovered his purpose and passion through the stories of those who were ‘saved’ by his music.

“If I can save or help people one song at a time, what more purpose do (I) need.” – Ebe Dancel

Ebe 20th Anniversary Concert presscon at 12 Monkeys.

Bawat Daan: ‘Ang bawat daan ko ay patungo, at pabalik sa’yo.’ 

Ebe’s twenty meaningful years in the music industry is a story-in-progress, continuously lived and written. To him, music is still an ongoing journey. 

As long as people want me to play and, maybe, to write songs then, this is where I belong, Ebe shared.

Fans and gig attendees can look forward to watching him perform in more shows, and even expect the launch of his new merchandise at a gig on November 22, 2019 at the Conspiracy Bar. 


Hangover: ‘Lumangoy sa alaala ko.’

At the end of the day, Ebe emphasised that his vision as an artist is not for people to remember his name or his face; he only dreams for his music to leave a mark, for it to be the voice of people’s stories throughout the ages. 

Yung kaisa-isang maipapamana ko sa pamilya ko…’yung mga kanta ko. That’s all I have in this world. As long as it stays in the hearts and minds of people in different generations, I think that’s what makes what I do – special, he said. 

Burnout: “O kay tagal din kitang mamahalin.” 

The world has more to hear from Ebe Dancel, more songs and more stories to fall in love with. As he orchestrates the culminating solo concert for his 20-year celebration in the music industry, he looks forward to the magic of collaborating with people whom he admires — people like Chino David, Paolo Valenciano and, of course, The Manila String Machine. 

His vision for the concert is to be an intimate space to celebrate music — I want it to be a dream because that’s what it really is…I want it to be like home.

Tickets for Ebe Dancel with The Manila String Machine, priced at P2500 for silver and P3500 for gold, will be available through ticket2me on October 31, 2019. More details about the concert will be posted on Ebe’s social media accounts.