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You haven’t lived a life until you have experienced the Philippine Music Scene, at its brightest and loudest, during a Fete De La Musique Celebration.

Celebrating the World Music Day, The Alliance Française de Manille, the Embassy of France to the Philippines, Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines, and B-Side Productions is bringing us this year’s Fete De La Musique in our country. This celebration originated since 1982 in Paris, France, and since then this “Fete” has become an international phenomenon, celebrated on the same day in more than 700 cities in 120 countries, including China, India, Germany, Italy, Greece, Russia, Australia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, the United States, and Japan.

This thing is enormous. Imagine the fact that music is brought out loud in all places on Earth, we’d really know how important music is to our world’s culture.

Fete De La Musique 2016 Official Poster

This is my 2nd Fete De La Musique in my lifetime, and I deeply regret the fact that I have not known that this actually existed until I was 28. Sad as it may seem, what I have witnessed the last year is enough for me to keep for a lifetime, and convict me enough to go to this year’s celebration and the next years of my life if I can manage it.

But what’s new this year?

  1. Last Year, Fete De La Musique happened for two days; this year, it is set to happen for THREE DAYS.
  2. Last Year, Fete De La Musique can only be experienced in Makati City; for this year, there would be FIVE STAGES outside of makatiONE STAGE in Manila, ONE STAGE in BAGUIO and THREE STAGES in Palawan.
  3. Last Year, Fete De La Musique had about Twenty-One Pocket Stages with about Two Main Stages. This year, Fete De La Musique has THIRTY-THREE Pocket stages along with its FIVE Main stages with about THIRTEEN New pocket stages, again not limited to just Makati City this coming Fete 2017.

All of which will happen in the course of 3 days; June 17, 23 and 24. Almost all venues are to simultaneously open its doors at 4 PM (unless otherwise mentioned in their event pages) on different venues scattered throughout in four different cities; Makati, Manila, Palawan, and Baguio:

All that said, we have taken the liberty to go thru a journey via the Interwebs of Facebook to seek and gather information about the pocket stages for Makati one by one.

But before we go to that we’d like to offer some tips for you, the music lover, as you go thru this Life Changing and Mind-Altering and Eargasmic Journey to aide you as you walk thru the streets of Makati City for this Fete and for the Next Fetes after – especially if this is your first time.

  1. Plan ahead
    • Make an Itinerary. Do your own research about the stages (read this guide to make your life easier). We have a map above showing all the pocket stages, in one image – and the best part is it’s not limited to just here. It can be found on Facebook, or if you want to then save the image file on your phone. Most of the stages are close to each other but depending on your preference and mood that evening, you might want to Jump from one place to another. If you have transportation, expect heavy traffic. Note that some of the venues are so close that they’re only a couple of meters away from each other (the reggae stage and the island stage for one), that you may want to leave your home with just yourself and a bag. Planning ahead saves you time, maximizes your enjoyment and pleasure, and of course, if you’re expecting some difficulty you would’ve planned ahead and by doing so you can reduce your stress, and focus on the moments.
  2. Travel Light
    • If you’ll be walking around, make sure you only bring the essentials. Take with you preferably a set of extra clothes, a towel or handkerchief (depende sa intensity ng iyong pagpapawis, bring many), a grooming kit (para pag dumating si crush di ka mukhang mandirigma and syempre para di ka mangamoy spartan),  your mobile phone (yung pang tagtagan sana, para hindi takaw sa mata at para kung mawala man eh you won’t cry an ilog), a bottle of liquids to replenish lost electrolytes and to prevent yourself from dehydrating, an umbrella to take with yourself just in case the weather goes awfully, and of course your wallet. Remember, traveling light not only means that you’ll have a lighter load with you, but also note that depending on the stage you’re going to, the crowd could go very large to just a handful of people. In those cases, you have to make sure you travel light so you won’t have to weave thru a thick crowd with an enormous load behind your bag, which would cause possible discomfort not just for you but the people you are wading through. Also by doing so, you’d keep your valuables close to you, to minimize incidents of theft. That, again, reduces your stress and gives less headache not just for you but also for the people managing the stage.
  3. Don’t Hesitate to Explore
    • Fete De La Musique is a haven for multiple genres of music and some of its sub-genres. Each stage is offering music unique to its theme, sometimes faithful to the music itself or to the venue, or to a particular scenario and often retrospective of a particular period in time or a particular culture. Go out on a limb – if you love music, and if you want to discover new acts and new songs from artists you have never known, now is the best time. This Festival apart from being a celebration of music is a good time for discovery. I’ll never go tired of saying this, but truly, finding new music is nothing short of finding treasure, one that you’ll always carry with you.
  4. Focus on the Moment
    • And actually watch the moments from your OWN EYES, not thru a MOBILE PHONE or a DSLR Camera. Yes, keeping a record of a performance makes it possible for us to relive the euphoria of hearing our favorite acts live and can be shared to those who have not been able to watch it if we upload it via social media, but really, often it bothers a person or two. If you raise that Mobile phone up high, you could be blocking another person’s view or maybe swing an arm or elbow at somebody accidentally, which on both parties is not liked. And real talk, parang wala ka rin don. Kasi kung magpupunta ka lang dun para irecord yung performance and watch it through your phone or camera, para ka ng nanuod lang sa bahay. Note that THE BEST MEMORIES ARE KEPT ON OUR BRAIN AND HEARTS, not a MEMORY CARD.
  5. Enjoy.
    • This only happens once a year. Its scale is enough to amaze you. Enjoy the moments, have a drink or two, walk around and explore, and of course, listen to your heart’s content.

May the guide below for the Makati Pocket Stages bring you the information you need, maximize your pleasure of the event on June 17, and of course make your life easier.


ACOUSTIC Stage | ASPACE Greenbelt: 

Stage produced and managed by Cubism Family with A SPACE Philippines as the venue and partner, this stage features acoustic music boasting a lineup composed of Basti Artadi, Rivermaya, Ang Bandang Shirley, Flying Ipis, and much more. Combined with that music, they have chosen to set this up in an island feel-good setting, reminiscent of beach sunsets, good-vibe-stirring music coming from guitars and awesome vocals.

This will take place at A SPACE Philippines, near Greenbelt V, in Ayala. The venue’s address is 110 Legazpi Street, 1229 Makati.

For more information, check out their event page here.

Artists Lineup:

Reese Lansangan & Jensen Gomez
Ben & Ben
Maya’s Anklet
Marga Jayy
Aia de Leon
Cheenee Gonzalez
Leanne & Naara
Gabe Piolo
Tryron De Guzman & Sayan de Guzman
Rich Caramat
Basti Artadi
Flying Ipis
Ang Bandang Shirley

Blues, Soul, Funk Stage | H&J Sports Bar & Restaurant

Stage produced and managed by Mambo Rat Productions with H&J Sports Bar and Restaurant for the venue, with their production doing this for the 6th year running. Featuring a line-up made up by the likes of Conscious and the Goodness, Banna Harbera, Rob & The Hitmen, and Toni B, combine that with the feels and mood of H&J Sports Bar and Restaurant, we can imagine ourselves having a beer in hand, enjoying the blues, soul, and funk this stage has to offer.

This will take place, again, at H&J Sports Bar and Restaurant, which is a distance away from Century Mall, and almost along Kalayaan Ave. The venue’s Address is Felipe Street 5781, 1200 Makati.

For more information, check out their event page here:

Artists Lineup:

Kat Agarrado
Conscious & The Goodness
Banna Harbera
The Espasouls
Rob & The Hitmen
Ang Bagong Luto Ni Enriquez
Hoochie Coochie Mikkie
Toni B.
The Blue Rats
Zion Aquino
Ian Lofamia Band
Manila Milkshake

Rock/Alternative Stage | SaGuijo Bar & Cafe 

Red Ninja Productions and Move Forward Productions is bringing back Rock to one of the most iconic venues on the OPM Scene nowadays; SaGuijo Bar & Cafe. Nuff said. With a strong lineup composed of Lions and Acrobats, Saydie, MilesExperience, Riot Act, Skychurch and a lot more to be announced, this promises a night of rocking and plenty of headbanging. With Red Ninja at the helm of this production, we can trust that this one will be a night to remember for those pleased (me included) with double pedals and hard metal guitar riffs on one of the most memorable venues in Makati.

This will take place, Again, at SaGuijo Bar & Cafe. a few walks away from the intersection of Chino Roces Ave and Buendia Ave. The Venue’s Address is 7612 Guijo, San Antonio Village, Makati, 1203 Metro Manila.

for more information, check out their event page here:

Artist’s Lineup below; More Acts are to be announced, to be posted completely in their event page by June 10:

Lions and Acrobats
The Riot Act
Runway Crimes
Monkey Spank
Blue Jean Junkies
Run Dorothy

House Party Stage | Black Market 


This stage is hosted and managed by Black Market, the prime location for House Beats and a lot more in Metro Manila, to be specific, in Makati. The event is known for such, not just within the country but also internationally. Such a stage is fitting for this music, for this Fete. Featuring back to back artists in two rooms within the pub, they have house party artists in the main room such as Jess Milner and Some Guy, Ize and Pillowtalk; in their Mao Den they’d have Pumpum Commanders, Marvelous Back to back with Butta B, and a lot more. This stage entertains the house music lover to infinity.

This will take place at Black Market, Near the Philippine School of Interior Design. The venue’s address is Warehouse 5, La Fuerza Plaza, Chino Roces Avenue Corner Sabio Street, San Lorenzo, Makati.

For more information, Check out their Event Page:

Artists Lineup:

Jess Millner b2b Some Guy
Ize b2b Pillow Talk
Zerzac b2b Platon
Jayru b2b Jazzy Jesus
Funkatalyst b2b Out of Scratch
JadaBass b2b Cannabass

Pumpum Commanders
Mono/Steroe (CC, Escapone and BassRelief)
Marvelous b2b Butta B

Reggae Stage | B-SIDE 

With the stage produced and managed by Bob Marley Day Manila, a night of raggedy style of music that traces its history all the way from Jamaica, with influences from American Jazz and Rhythm and Blues, we are offered this genre of music the way we Filipinos would have it. Situated at B-Side Makati, well known for hosting musical events not limited to genre, this stage promises Good ol’ reggaeton to go along with your beer and the crowd, as you groove the night on. And some barbecue too if you’d like.

This will, again, take place at B-Side Makati, near de la Rosa street. The venue’s address is 7274 Malugay Street, 1203 Makati.

For more information, Check out their Event Page:

Artists Lineup:

Blue Island (BALER)
The Buzzer Beaters (LAGUNA)
Collie Herb
Lion and the Scouts
Mobster Manila
Pinkcow Philippines
The Chongkeys

Mod Stage | Alchemy Bar & Bistro 

Keeping the Mod Culture and Music Scene alive here in the Philippines, this stage proves that such music has room in our taste. Managed by Bing Austria, as was last year, the stage features the Mod Scene itself complete from the old school 60’s fashion, and of course the music that defines that music subculture.

This stage is set at Alchemy Bistro bar, with the venue address as Polaris corner Durban Streets, Barangay Poblacion, 1227 Makati

For more information, Check out their Event Page:

Artists Lineup:

Mobster Manila
The Royal
Paranoid City
Carousel Casualties
Blue Way
Acoustic Ladyland
Flippin SOUL Stompers

Hip-hop Stage | THE STUDIO

One of the most common genres of music out there, and one of the most anticipated amongst the Hip-hop fans within the Philippines. Organized and Managed by the Philippine All Stars mainly by one of its core members, Lema Diaz, this stage integrates everything that the Philippine HipHop culture has to offer; from the music, to musical live performances from 727 clique, Microphone Mechanics, Uprising, DMH, and a lot more, to Live DJ Sets from Dj medmessiah, Dj Ben, Dj Canna Bass and Dj Flavamatikz, and of course, Dance performances from the top Philippine Hip-hop crews such as Sas Crew, Stellar StreetQueens, and of course the legendary Philippine Allstars, which is iconic in leading the way for Hip-hop Dance Culture here in our country.

Situated at the Studio THE STUDIO 9590 Kamagong cor. Bagtikan Street 1203 Makati, almost a walk away from the Saguijo Bar and Cafe, this stage hypes the Hip-hop lovers out there.

For more information, Check out their Event Page:

Artists Lineup:
Hosted by : Droppout
Sheena Vera Cruz

Dj medmessiah
Dj Ben
Dj Canna Bass
Dj Flavamatikz


1. 727 clique
2. Bawal Clan
3. Tukar Sinati
4. Nathan J
5. Mula Etivac
6. Baryo Berde
7. GSM
8. Felix Bakat
9. Boo-G
10. Kudos & Duke ng Pasig
11. Death Threat
13.357 Pro
16. Microphone Mechanics
17. Jhxnny Estacio
18. Womens Business Hip Hop
19. Maduming kwarto
20. Uprising
21. DMH
22. Peaceful Gemini
23. Mico Swabe (Mike SwifT)
24. Shanti
25. Pasayeno Brothers
26. Klutch-B


1. Philippine Allstars
2. Hybrids of Freedom
3. Original Flavor
4. Prince and Vince
5. Molito Funk
6. Sas Crew
7. Reppin Down Crew/FunkRoots
8. Stellar StreetQueens

Punk Stage | Kahuna Makati

The Punk Music Culture here in the PH is surely not dead as represented by this stage; again considered as one of the most known genres music out there, Punk Music is reminiscent of anarchy, anti-status quo lyrics and the distinguishing music that carries that message thru. Manned and Managed by Punkompilation Pinas, this stage features a line-up composed of Philippine Violators, Give Chance To Run, Non-Skid, Punk Magalona and a lot more, Along with the live acts the stage also offers Merchandise for the Punk Music community attending this pocket stage.

Situated at Kahuna Makati, with the address 50 Jupiter St., Bel-Air, 1209 Makati, Chained with some stages surrounding it at that day, this is a must go stage for the Fans of this music genre, for this fete.

For more information, Check out their Event Page:

Artists Lineup:


Phililippine Violators
The Republicats
Give Chance To Run
Red Mean Stop
Long Time No See
The Turnovers
Punk Magalona

Bedroom Beats Stage | The Belle & Dragon

A genre exploratory in different forms of beats that are known for Lo-Fi hip-hop, Post RnB, Abstract Hip-hop and of course, Bedroom beats, the mood and feel of this form is almost self-explanatory; Imagine yourself lounging and taking it easy on a rainy cool afternoon, with ears covered with your headset, with beats in tune and reminiscent of the ambience set with rainy seasons, and autumn. This stage features a strong line-up for this music sub-genre, with such artists as Escuri, Pillowtalk, Sleepersecond, CRWN, Alisson Shore, Nights of Rizal, BP Valenzuela and a lot more, everybody can almost anticipate a night of relaxing and sleep-conducive rhythm and beats.

Organized and Managed by the combined forces of Cosmic Sonic Arts and BuwanBuwan Collective, and situated at the Belle & Dragon with the address of 100 Carlos Palanca, 1780 Makati, this stage responds to a soul’s longing for them beats to soothe it.

For more information, Check out their Event Page:

The Artists lineup is below, altho per their event page, it is yet to be finalized and more details will be announced:


Basement Stage | Finders Keepers MNL

A stage dedicated to dance and groove to top hip hop hits that are timeless, this stage is geared with both DJ Sets and Live acts. A promising night of body movement to the tune of song, this one is to be anticipated, especially for those who are kids at heart.

Presented by Finders Keepers MNL, this would be situated at their own place, with the address of Warehouse 5, La Fuerza Plaza, 2241 Don Chino Roces Avenue, 1231 Makati, this is a stage which offers both song and drinks to the music lover, especially for this music sub-genre.

For more information, Check out their Event Page:

Artists Lineup:

Abdel Aziz
Roy de Borja
Dante & Amigo
Earl of Manila

Disco Mathilde – Bar Mathilde 

Well, DISCO! As said on their event page, this is a mix of Early Funk, Vintage Soul, UpTempo Vibes partnered with the feels of the 60’s and 70’s. Hyped by the music and reminiscent of the fashion that is bell bottoms, headbands, and peace medallions, the Disco Mathilde stage is another stage composed of both live acts and a lot of dancing.

Although apart from other pocket stages, this stage is set to begin at 9 PM but goes on up to 1 AM in the morning, you can drink to your heart’s delight while listening to the songs that once made our own mothers and fathers groove before we were born.

Hosted by Bar Mathilde, this is venued at their own place located at 8483 Kalayaan Avenue, 1226 Makati.

For more information, Check out their Event Page:

Artists Lineup:

• DJ Skratchmark
• Four Corners (Junji Lerma Quartet)
• SuperMikki

OPM Stage | 1018 Bar 

True to its slogan: Protect, Promote and Professionalize, the Organisasyon ng mga Pilipinong Mang-Aawit would be spearheading this OPM stage. Carrying on its advocacies to showcase the Original Pinoy Music, this stage offers singers/songwriters such as Volts Vallejo, RJ Jimenez, Kai Atienza, and a lot more, this stage offers the intensity that is OPM, in the persona of these talents.

Situated at 1018 Bar with the address of 1018 TERESA STREET RIZAL VILLAGE, 1208 Makati, one must ready their ears and their hearts in anticipation for this stage.

For more information, Check out their Event Page:

Artists Lineup:

Mikoy Morales
Kai Atienza
Davey Langit
Ace Dyamante
Volts Vallejo
Rox Puno
RJ Jimenez

Jazz Stage | Monk’s Dream

A night of Sax, Blues and Rhythm; the Jazz Stage has that for you. As Jazzin’ Manila – The Philippine International Jazz Festival fronts this stage, as one of the Main Music Genres out there, they feature a line-up true to the genre. Composed of 62nd Jazz Project, Ramonne, Richard Merk, Sincerely Cheers and a lot more, this stage cures the inner hunger for Jazz.

Situated in Monk’s Dream, 6053 R Palma, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila, a premier venue for the Jazz Scene in the PH, the Jazz Lover can never be more excited to attend this stage.

For more information, Check out their Event Page:

Artists Lineup:

62nd Jazz Project
Cheryl Santaromana
Colby De La Calzada
Henry Catindig
Jeannie Tiongco
Johnny Alegre Group
Jun Viray
Megan Herrera
Rey Infante
Rey & Ayie
Romy Posadas
Richard Merk
Sandra Lim Viray
Sincerely Cheers

Mount Zion Stage | Pura Vida Manila

One can call this a sister stage for the already Reggae Stage going on in B-Side on June 17, the Mount Zion stage is the 2nd Reggae Stage for this year’s Fete De La Musique. Coinciding with its sister stage, this also offers an almost dusk till dawn experience of Reggaeton. Presenting a Foreign Act, in the person of DJ Lion which came from Jamaica, this stage is much anticipated, along with its offering of lineup composed of SuperMikki, Coffee Break Island, Lady I, Norris King, and a lot more.

Situated at Pura Vida Manila, with an address of Don Pedro, Makati, Combine the reggae soul with their usual awesome sets of drinks and food, this would be a night to remember for those who will go to this stage on Fete 2017.

For more information, Check out their Event Page:

Artists Lineup:

Coffee Break Island
Lady I
DJ Lion (Jamaica)
Conquering Idrens
Jeck Pilpil and Peacepipe
Norris King
JM Quiblat

Electronica Stage | TIME in Manila

DJ Sets, Overflowing Drinks, and dancing and hustling till the sun goes up; for the BarHopper and Nightlifer, this is a must to go to. Featuring the Electronica Stage, Powered by TIME in Manila, They’ve set up this event to have at least two things going on at the same time; While we have DJ’s such as Skydominque, Clyde Harris, Emel Rowe, Cinemassacre, Alinep, and a lot more spinning and getting the crowd high in house and techno music in the Venue’s Main Room, They’d have the Beats, breaks and bass for you on their roof deck, supplied by Br3aking Silence, Evo Evolver, GodMachine, and A lot more.

Situated at their own place, TIME in Manila, they’re located at the very heart of Makati’s nightlife; Makati Ave. To be exact, in 7840 Makati Avenue, 1200 Makati.

For more information, Check out their Event Page:

Artists Lineup:

Main Room – House & Techno
1600-1800 Sky Dominique x Ikarus Escoto (Subverse)
1800-2000 Herb Cabral x Peps Laviña (DeepGroove Collective)
2000-2200 Coox x Mica (FATALE)
2200-2400 Clyde Harris x Ej Flores (SHIFT/6AM Asia)
0000-0200 Raphael Carbonell x Pav Parrotte (TIME in Manila/Asia Music)
0200-0400 Jason Soong x Manolet Dario x (Groove Manila/NBK – Natural Born Klubbers)
0400-0600 Emel Rowe x Cinemassacre – Music (TIME in Manila/You’re welcome)
0600-Close Alinep x Marts Ballesca x Special Tee with Jack Bates on percussion (TIME in Manila/AREA 51)

Roof Deck – Beats, Breaks & Bass
(Time slots TBA)
Evo Evolver
Skratchworx Music
For You Insidious

Spoken Word Stage | Cafe Libertad

Writing Out-Loud, Words Anonymous presents us with this year’s Fete De La Musique Spoken Word Stage. Albeit the absence of notes and beats which usually makes up music, This is a night dedicated to literal harmony and perfection. Words that speak of what is contained by the artist’s hearts and souls, This stage present Spoken Words and Poetry pieces coming from artists collectively known as Words Anonymous, and even for those who have carried their “hugot” pieces with them to Cafe Libertad.

With featured performances and as what the previous statement implies, this stage has an “open mic” opportunity, probably the only stage within Fete 2017 advertised with so. Please note, for those wanting to speak their hearts out on this stage, that the open mic is on a first come, first served basis. Sign ups will be on the day itself.

As mentioned, this will take place at Cafe Libertad, specifically located at G-IV The Gallery Building, Amorsolo Street, 1239 Makati.

For more information, Check out their Event Page.

Island Music Stage | Aloha Bar & Grill

QUID PRO QUO x independent play, Co-Presented by Spyder Philippines, would be heading this Fete 2017’s Island Music Stage. Sounds reminiscent of palm trees, of the sound of waves thrashing, of drinks with tiny umbrellas on it, This certainly would take you Beaching even if you are in Makati. Promising a lineup composed of Tropical Depression, VLTR, Sky Garden, Tagumpay, Ukulele Philippines Ensemble, Inky De Dios and much more, this stage is set to make you just pick up a surfboard and glide through the music this stage has in store for you.

Placed right inside the collective, Beside B-Side (pun not intended), this will take place at Aloha Bar & Grill, to be exact, it is at The Collective 7274 Malugay St., San Antonio Village, 1203 Makati

For more information, Check out their Event Page.

Artists Lineup:

Tropical Depression
Manila Sky
The Oemons
Sky Garden
Enrique de Dios
Shirebound and Busking
Michael Adrian Kaimito Pasok
Jean Paul Zialcita + Alex Alcaraz Fernandez
Ukulele Philippines Ensemble

R&B Stage | Z Hostel Philippines

The Rhythm and Blues stage of Fete De La Musique is organized by Z Hostel Philippines. A popular music genre, many a Filipino both here and abroad have aspired to become RNB artists, and honestly, this genre is one of the most well known in the Philippines. Not to be confused with Hip-hop, this genre of African-American music has a unique sound, and some music sub-genres have been born out of it.

True to its roots, the live acts performing here would not give anything less RNB. Composed of such artists as Gio Levy, Marga Javy, Miss Ramonne, Hans D and Skylight, combined the feels of RNB music, this has got to be the perfect stage for the music lover, especially the ones who have already found their forever. Take them with you. Or even if for the hopefuls, they might see their soul’s mate here.

Back to the point, this stage would be located at Z Hostel Philippines place at 5660 Don Pedro, Poblacion Makati.

For more information, Check out their Event Page.

Artists Lineup:

Gio Levy
Cherry Malaya
Zsaris Mendioro
Marga Javy
Moses Oche Akoh and Kem Alia
Miss Ramone
The Chillitees

Brazilian Stage | The Woodman’s Head

Brazilian music is a melting pot of multiple genres, incorporated into one, thru the years; of course originating from Brazil. Music that offers a mix of African, European and Amerindian influences, it caught our taste as Filipinos, and needless to say, appreciate the music so much that we have a pocket stage in tribute of this music genre. The Woodman’s head, in partnership with Capoeira Kadara Philippines and Tono Events will bring us a night all-Brazilian; with such acts as Empress Tribe De Manila, Tender Choosy, Divine Sessions, Harmony and Horizon and more, one would have their dancing shoes on and prepare for the fiesta that is this stage.

This stage is set at The Woodman’s Head, located at 5045 P Burgos Street, 1200 Makati. For guest list and table reservations for this day, please call : (02)897.8069 • 0917.616.3100

For more information, Check out their Event Page.

Artists Lineup:

Empress Tribe De Manila
Inka Madera
Kadara Capoeira Philippines
Divine Sessions
Navy Blve Pants
Harmony and Horizon
Bella Luna ft. Tender Choosy
Horizon Showgirls

Grunge Stage | Mang Rudy’s Tuna Grill And Papaitan

SoundGarden, Creed, Stone Temple Pilots, Avenged Sevenfold are few of the names in the industry that I heard in my head as I was writing this summary. Carrying the angst of this trend, this stage is produced and managed by Mudhoney Productions and featuring acts from Save the Prophet (STP), Diesel, Wetdogi, Tigdas, Kalibrus and more, the grunger at heart and old school at soul would definitely check this stage out.

Set to be done at Mang Rudy’s Tuna Grill And Papaitan located at 148 A Yakal Street San Antonio Village, 1230 Makati, this stage would have you drinking beer and headbanging till the sun goes up. And probably you’ll end the night with a sore neck. But who cares you enjoyed it anyway, right?

For more information, Check out their Event Page

Artists Lineup:

The Sub
Save the Prophet (STP)
Return to Eden
Choking Cloud
Muddy Dogface
H8 of November
Seconds to Bliss

Indie Stage | Century Mall

Well, this stage took about 4 productions just to get this going; from this fact alone, you can tell the enormity of this stage, and the number of supporters assumed to attend this one. This stage will be helmed by a grand team made up of four of the well-known prods in the OPM indie scene; DocDef Productions, Gabi Na Naman Productions, and Vandals on the Wall, and will take place at one of the largest venues for a Fete Pocket stage this year; Century Mall. Apart from the main stage to be set at GreenBelt, probably this is the only stage to be situated in an actual Mall.

With big names like Reese Lansangan (ito pa lang eh), Farewell Fairweather, Ang Bandang Shirley, MoonWlk, Ben&Ben, Jensen and the Flips, Oh Flamingo, this has got to be one of the biggest stages apart from the Main Ones. And this is good; comparing from previous years when the Indie Stage only have handfuls in attendance, this has got to be one of the most anticipated stages ever for Fete 2017.

For more information, Check out their Event Page

Artists Lineup: 

1) Manila Magic
2) Reese Lansangan
3) Rusty Machines
4) Shirebound and Busking
5) Banna Harbera
6) bp valenzuela
7) Ang Bandang Shirley
8) Rob & The Hitmen
9) Fools and Foes
10) Oh, Flamingo
11) Tom’s Story
12) Memory Drawers
13) Farewell Fair Weather
14) tide/edit
15) Moonwlk
16) Conscious & The Goodness
17) Musical O
18) Jensen and The Flips
19) Ben&Ben

World Stage | Cabin 420 Bar & Bistro

A stage which incorporates “many different styles of music from around the globe, including many genres including some forms of Western music represented by folk music, as well as selected forms of ethnic music, indigenous music, neotraditional music, and music where more than one cultural tradition, such as ethnic music and Western popular music, intermingle”(So thank you wikipedia).

Produced by Adlum Music Productions, Imagine people in tribal indigenous gear, with big drums and brilliant vocals combined along with modern guitar riffs and drum beats then you’d have an idea what this stage is all about, and what to expect from that night.

Situated at Cabin 420 Bar & Bistro within A Venue Mall, Makati, you got to get your tribal mood on to properly set yourself for some drum banging, cultural loving, and music appreciating night.

For more information, Check out their Event Page

Artists Lineup:

Ja Quintana
Manila Sky
Up Kekeli
La Loba Negra
Navy Blve Pants
Kartel at Lion and the Scouts
Himig Malaya
Adinkra Lumads Djembe Community
Maicah x Goose Industria x Yuri

Eclectic + Art Stage | Mermaid Pool Bar

They’ve got Live Acts. They’ve got the music, yes. But they also have Live Art. And Crafts. Heck, maybe you can also get a haircut. This is the Eclectic + Art Stage Powered by I’M Hotel and KAPWA Studio. This is a stage for those that are not contented with just music but would need to see visual aesthetics to go along with it, and maybe somebody who needs a dip.

I’m sorry, I just can’t get over the fact that the Venue for this stage is that AWESOME. A part of the venue has a swimming pool, as I checked out The Mermaid Bar’s Facebook page. I’m not sure if they’d let people use the pool during this stage, but hopefully, they’d do, because that would define UNIQUE. Speaking of which, this is located at their place, also called The Mermaid Bar, with the address of 7862 Makati Avenue corner Kalayaan Avenue, 1210 Makati

Featuring a LineUp made up for Moonmask, Northern Man, Loner, Big Hat Gang, LUSTBASS and more, this stage would get you hooked.

For more information, Check out their Event Page.

Artists Lineup:


August Wahh
Teenage Granny
Northern Man
Soju Boy
Easyhead/ Riyo Washington
rh xanders
Local Disc/: C
The Bee Keepers
Big Hat Gang
Chef Eazy
Dott Seki
Joee & I

Live Art and Visuals :
Dee Jae Pa’este
Archie Oclos
Levi Cruz of FYO

Crafted Goods by:
La Isla Luisa

Circus Stage | XX:XX / 20:20 

Now we all know that it is given that for every stage, music is the emphasis, and from which we could see a culture that surrounds a particular musical genre, or for some, sub-genre. Nothing readied me for what I saw on XX XX’s Facebook page. When they say circus, they really meant it. Along with the crash and sounds of different musical instruments around you, you’ll see people on unicycles, ladies on circus dresses hanging in some places you’d never thought they can hang from, sometimes with light flares.

Your kid at heart wanting to go into a circus and experience it will delight with this. Situated in XX XX‘s place at 20b La Fuerza Plaza 1, 2241 Don Chino Roces Avenue, 1231 Makati, the Venue itself would make you feel like you’re inside a circus tent, with its warm ambiance. With talents such as Rob Cudi, Big Answer Sound, Talamák, Those Girls, Xi & Dudu, Quark Henarez and more, this is a spectacle for both your eyes, ears and that little kid in you.

This stage is set to start at 8 PM, and per their event page is set to end at around 5 AM.

For more information, Check out their Event Page

Artists Lineup:

Rob Cudi
Rick Santiago
Major Chie
Big Answer Sound

Quark Henares
Sgt. Vez
Those Girls
Xi & Dudu
Boogie Houser D.J.

End Stage | DULO MNL

One of the new stages for Fete De La Musique, we have to check this out. The Venue, DULO MNL, located at 4992 P. Guanzon St. Barangay Poblacion, 1210 Makati had set its opening date of its place on the day of Fete De La Musique itself, June 17. DULO MNL describes itself as a haven for a no-holds-barred expression of art, not limited to form. As said on their page, their goal is to “Bring audiences both novel and familiar experiences through the language of food, drinks, music, performances, merchandise, and visuals”. Speaking in a language other than words and voices is definitely something, and how they’d carry that out certainly is enticing.

Offering an initial line-up composed of acts by White Wall Poetry, Comedy Manila and Ninno we can almost anticipate that this stage is not just for the music; I can see it as a celebration of fine art in multiple forms, amidst the lights and sounds that is the Makati Night Scene.

For more information, Check out their Event Page

Artists Lineup with more surprise acts to come:

White Wall Poetry
Comedy Manila
Deus Sex Machine
Burlesque PH

UNKWN Stage | The Social on Ebro

UNKWN, a group that have started in 2016 notes that the “key theme underlying the UNKNWN ethos (Ethos defined is ‘the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.’) is inclusion and a deep understanding of the role of community.” and that thru collaboration they seek to develop the quality of Music-Driven Events in the PH.

With those words from their “About” in Facebook, and knowing that this would be their first time hosting and heading a Fete De La Musique stage in also a New Venue, The Social on Ebro, Located at 5770 Ebro Poblacion, 1210 Makati, we can be just as excited for them to roll out something new to the Fete Scene. An Open Air venue resembling StrEat complete with food outlets, a Pop-Up space and a bar, stringed with their resident DJ’s, one should prepare themselves to go wild in partying and happy-making for this stage.

For more information, Check out their Event Page

Artists Lineup:

Samantha Nicole
Prad Bitt

New Wave Stage | Acceler8 Coworking

A stage dedicated to the sounds of new wave as inspired by bands such as the Smiths, the Cure, Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, A-ha, Depeche Mode, Spandeu Ballet, this is so reminiscent of the 80’s it feels dreamy. Located at Acceler8 Coworking‘s space at UG Level, 111 Paseo de Roxas Building, Legazpi Village, Makati City, This offers a retrospect of what the music scene was way back when we were still being conceived by our parents, or maybe when our parents were still courting. Or for some who lived thru that age, it gives a recollective vision of living thru that period, and how it was for them, taken to the 21st Century.

Offering a line up composed of acts by The Hollow Streets, The Play Fountains, Luna, No Last Song, The Edralins and more, combined with DJ sets this is more than enough to make you feel the Euphoria of the 80’s.

For more information, Check out their Event Page

Artists Lineup:

1. The Hollow Streets
2. Friday Ends
3. Dream Kitchen
4. Bedbugz
5. The Play Fountains
6. Names Are For Tombstones
7. Age of Ultrasounds
8. Atomflot
9. Luna
10. The Harutas
11. No Last Song
12. Ruins
13. Dragonfly Collector
14. Tey’s Revenge
15. The Edralins

1. Aaron Favila
2. Eugene Lirio Tecson (Network 21)
3. Dodit Del Rosario
4. June F Torrente
5. Last to Act
6. Christopher Leander
7. Merto W
8. Jowel Llamado

Hard Rock / Crossover Stage | 121 Bar & Grille

One of the new stages for this Fete, this one is handled by The Southern Project with its Venue set at 121 Bar & Grille, located at 2nd Flr. Alegro Center 2284 Pasong Tamo Ext.,1200 Makati. This stage takes rock and roll to the next level. Apart from Punk, their Poster clearly states that the Hard Rock Bands that would be playing that night at this stage are “Rock Misfits, too heavy for the mainstream, too alternative for the underground”. Quite the anti-status quo statement right there, but this is Rock at its elevated form; combining elements of rock, metal, pop, electronic samples along with the artists’ Personal Experiences in their Musical Journey, expect that their music is just as hard as their passion for this art form.

With a rocking line up composed of acts by Kastigo, John Borja, Five Five Itch, Army of One, Mean Jay, Cables and Space Etc, you’ll have those devil horns up all throughout the night rocking your throat out singing.

For more information, Check out their Event Page

Artists Lineup:

Mean Jay
John Borja
Army of One
Five Five Itch
Cables and Space
Blackout Aurora
Cat Valium

Post Music Stage – Boiler Room

Situated at one of the prime spots in the Philippines for EDM and more, you can go the Post Music Stage at the Boiler Room, Located specifically at 109 Carlos Palanca Street. Legaspi Village, 1229 Makati. This is also one of the new stages, a part of ones already mentioned. Expect a night of music composed of a lot of genres you probably you didn’t know existed until you’ve read them. As stated on their event page, do expect the following:

blackgaze /psychedelia / power electronics / post-punk / darkwave / prog / post-rock / harsh noise / field recording / kosmische / sadgaze / drone / sound collage/ post-industrial / NOIZE / shoegaze / synthwave / glo-fi / post-witch house / doom pop

From fans of this Music Sub-Genre to the newbie, this should still be exciting, especially if your ears are up for something new and out of this world. Composed of acts dedicated to get this music out, this one can be for the books.

For more information, Check out their Event Page

Artists Lineup:

Na Mo
Lush Death
Drago Katzov
Gen Thalz page
Sleeping In Tigersuit
Pet School
Slay Your Boyfriend
Encyclopedia Frown
The Insektlife Cycle

Cocktails & Swing Stage | ABV

Care to dance swing, and would you want absinthe to go along with that? Probably not if you cannot handle your own alcohol. Absinthe is a very strong type of liquor. As the streets of Makati cheer on during Fete De La Musique, but you wanna chill in a place different from others and drink something unique from others, Go to the Cocktails and Swing Stage in ABV, located at the Basement Floor of 22 Jupiter St. cor. Galaxy St., Bel-Air Makati.

Featuring a relaxed setting, they offer an environment vibrant of Jazz and Blues, keeping you close all thru the night.

For more information, Check out their Event Page


Jardin De Fleurs Stage | Red Rabbit

Placed in Red Rabbit Makati Located at 5 Paseo Parkview Tower, Valero Corner Sedeno, Salcedo Village Makati, this is the stage we have very little information about. We have attempted to look for an Event Page on Facebook at the time of this writing, but apart from the fact that it’s a new stage just starting for this year, information for this can only be seen on the Fete De La Musique’s Main Pocket Stages list, as well as the below artists that would perform:

Arrjae Puno
Deej Diaz
Inan Perillo

Drag Artists:
Georgina Hopes
Lumina Klum