UDD and Cigarettes After Sex for Karpos Live 2018’s Last Mix

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Official Press Release from Karpos Live

Coming off a series of endeavors, within the cycle of day and night, what any person looks forward to is coming home and getting to be with the ones they love. Karpos Live created a humble abode this 2018 for music connoisseurs and nomads alike, with the idea of bringing foreign acts closer and more intimate while uplifting local acts onto their own concert for a purely authentic experience in the name of music.

Karpos Live’s vision of a greater stage for the local independent music scene comes to fruition in Mix 3.3’s local headliner, UDD. Having been an icon on the Filipino perspective of love and a centerpiece reflection on the effect OPM can have on an audience, they are once again set to take the stage set by Karpos Live for a show like no other.

Dharma, being the cosmic order in which life gravitates the ups and downs that reflect in every situation of all our shared days and nights, harnessed in UDD’s band name which is evident in their long and transcendental journey in the OPM scene. Through this, they have created that familiar and relatable narrative within a sound that resonates throughout generations.

Being the last show for Karpos Live 2018, a question begins to form: What comes after? As our proud patrons have found a home, we prepare to set off to new endeavors initiated by this year’s international headliner: Cigarettes After Sex. A sound of tranquility in the dark but acknowledging the unknown that lies ahead; this is how we related to their music for Karpos Live.

The hushed intensity of american romanticists and ambient-pop band Cigarettes After Sex, brings a whole new definition to losing yourself to dance (as they claim their sound to be, dance music) only to find yourself having a damn good time and waltzing into Karpos Live 2018’s culmination with the motions of love and everything after.

Coming to a great finale for 2018 on November 8, catch who went up on Karpos Live’s stage and how it all went down on the youtube channel {} as you look forward to what comes after this Cigarettes After Sex + UDD mix. Look out!

Mix 3.3 tickets are at P3250 (+7% ticket service charge) and are available via karposlive.com and Ticketnet outlets.
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Official Beer: San Miguel Pale Pilsen & San Miguel Flavoured Beer

Official Residence: Seda Vertis North