Karpos Live Mix 2.1 is not just any other concert that you attend; it is an experience you would not miss and trade for anything.

It all started when the Ysanygo (Ferraz) family offered me a ride and they were kind enough to fetch me from work since we live so far from the North. When I entered the car i felt the youthful excitement from the family that made me feel excited as well.

Writer Kat Romero (left) with Ysanygo (Ysa and Ygo Ferraz)

The drive from the south to ABS-CBN Vertis North Tent was long but the excitement that we felt was different. Ysa and Ygo asked their Mom, Tita Gel, also known as @indiemom on Twitter, to play Tom Misch’s songs while we were cruising through the Skyway. The company of the Ferraz family made the EDSA rush hour traffic bearable—which on normal days is so dreadful. It took us 2 hours to reach the venue and lucky us, the line at the entrance was not that long yet.

Upon entering Vertis Tent, you would see groups of people who were starting to own their spots. As the night went deeper, the crowd grew but the venue still gave everyone an intimate feel. A combination of familiar and new faces, being with the audience still made us feel safe because aside from the exquisite interiors, visible security provided by Karpos really helped us enjoy the night.

The night started with two beer stubs from San Miguel and a set from the opening act of the night, Nathan & Mercury. This Manila-based act offers us a very diverse music, with elements of pop and R&B, drops of jazz, hiphop, soul and funk. What’s astounding is how receptive the crowd was to their performance—bobbing heads and mouths singing along, it’s all there. From watching them play in bars to seeing them own a bigger venue, Nathan & Mercury really has something to offer the music scene.

Nathan and Mercury opened Karpos Live Mix 2.1 

There was a break after the opening act and the crowd was getting bigger. Vancouver Sleep Clinic was up next. The crowd was obviously deeply connected with the performances as you see people with eyes closed while singing along and dancing to the beat. Vancouver Sleep Clinic gave the audience an intimate full set. Their set was amazing—not just how they performed, but also how they linked themselves to the audience the whole time. They were so comfortable playing on stage that it really hit that spot on everyone’s chest.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Just when you thought the night is over, it was finally time for Tom Misch. The sea of people shyly made their way through the blank spaces but everyone surely is excited to watch another memorable performance. Luckily, we were able to secure our spot in front. The crowd was really building up until the time that Tom Misch was right up on stage with his guitar. It was surreal. Seeing Tom Misch right in front of you was unbelievable.

Tom’s first song was welcomed with cheers from the audience which lasted throughout his set. And there may had been tears too, okay. He played the instrumental of Isn’t She Lovely and everyone just couldn’t help but sing their hearts out with him! The crowd was beautiful and may be talented too because they didn’t miss out on Tom Misch’s guitar licks! When the set came to an end, the whole band already went down the stage but the best audience that we are, we chanted for an encore. To our surprise, the band went right back up and played two extra songs for us. It was really quite an experience.

Nathan x Mercury offered me a ride home since we live close to each other. Upon exiting the venue, Elise Huang and I saw Vancouver Sleep Clinic beside the Merch booth. Of course we did not miss the chance of having a photo with them!

Writer Kat Romero with Vancouver Sleep Clinic

The day ended with breakfast with the whole Nathan x Mercury team and smiles on our faces because of how the people responded to their music and of course because we saw Vancouver Sleep Clinic and Tom Misch up close.

It was more than just a concert you paid for, attended and listened to—it was an experience which gives you more than just PCD. It’s an experience that you will always look back to without any regrets. Music + You was real.