MilesExperience SILAKBO Video Launch at Mow’s

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Last Saturday, MilesExperience, one of the sexiest bands (naks!) we have in the local indie scene right now, successfully launched the official music video for their song SILAKBO. First time [Indie] Manila contributor Dan Arciaga-Labayo shares his snaps and story about the steamy (literally, read more to find out why) video launch!

“This gotta be one hell of a video.”

My thoughts exactly as I entered mow’s. Mow’s ain’t that big; in all honestly it’s hella small to accommodate all of the people that are there. And there were A LOT. The place’s air-conditioning unit is working. Yes, there are drinks everywhere, but okay my armpits are crying.

“Good Luck if I can take photos here”, I said to myself.

But all of my rants went away once I heard who the first band playing for the night – December Avenue! Damn, I’ve been singing to their songs for quite a time now. My lips are singing while my hands are clicking. Despite the struggle in saying my excuses to the crowd as i try to frame proper photos my heart is leaping because finally, finally I got to see them perform. in the flesh. yey!



Then it all went upward; Here comes Tanya Markova, with their awesome arrive; singing them songs as jolly and as happy as they do.


2 beers and alot of cigs and 2 bands into the night, here comes Autotelic. You just got to love Josh perform. As what he had explained off-stage, he rocks on to their songs he classified as DDM (dramatic dance music) as we are supposed to dance along to this dramatic tunes our lives sing.


Ourselves the Elves is a recess to all the hype that the first three bands brought; don’t get me wrong, they are awesome. Quietly awesome in fact.


Then came Jensen and the Flips with their “baby-making” music. Good tunes in fact, very romantic. and seductive. The crowd responds – wait let me correct myself. The ladies in the crowd just can’t even. they really can’t.



And here we go as the main purpose of the night happens: the music video launch. The music video was directed by the awesome Jiggy Gregorio. As faithful as it was to MilesExperience’s previous Video, the first frames of the video are just WOW. I mean come on; it ain’t common for a music video to start with two people trying to reach other, underwater in black and white. Very Very artsy. and Emotional. I can’t forget the part where a guy destroys his guitar with flair. Every frame of the video is excellent, and I would’ve hugged Jiggy real tight after watching.

And as Miles Bondoc of MilesExperience took over the stage. as i snapped away the last few frames of the night, I was just very thankful that, even though this ain’t a photograper’s paradise, i am present at a historical event for MilesExperience, and I got to listen live to probably OPM’s saving grace; the bands that we’re there that night, and the crowd singing along with it.

Everything was well worth the sweat.


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