Nights of Rizal releases ‘Little Ocean’ Music Video

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For his upcoming album summer/salt, Nights of Rizal (Migi de Belen) has been busy repurposing the bright and synthy grooves of the 80s into songs that are fun and danceable, yet introspective and personal. It’s only fitting that the same approach carries over visually, via handycam footage of his summer family outing that takes place along Calaca Beach, Batangas, in 1987. The candid, static-ridden scenes are left unprocessed—only rearranged and repurposed for the song Little Ocean, where Nights of Rizal muses, “I don’t know what I’m holding on to anymore, maybe it’s nothing, after all, it’s just a little ocean.”

summer/salt is set to be released in the 4th quarter of 2017. Demos have appeared on social media documenting the album’s progress, but Little Ocean is the first official release from summer/salt.

Little Ocean 

It’s just a little ocean

rising up in me,

just a little ocean

looking for a shore

or a way back to the sea.

 I don’t know

what I’m holding onto anymore

or what I’m holding on for,

maybe it’s nothing, after all

it’s just a little ocean.


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*Official Press Release from Nights Of Rizal