Official Press Release from Niki Colet

I’m very very happy and feel super lucky because I got to make my music the way I really envisioned it to sound, gushes Niki Colet about Endless Summer, her new EP that is now available for streaming and buying on all digital platforms.

Endless Summer features six original pieces written and composed by Niki — I Wish, Could Be Love, Big City, Yes, The Sound, and Good Morning — with a range of musical influences from Florence + The Machine, The Cranberries, Carly Rae Jepsen, Simon and Garfunkel, and Lana Del Rey. The EP was produced by Aaron Gonzales (whose collaboration track record includes Up Dharma Down and Reese Lansangan), with Mikee Colet on lead guitar and drums and Zach Riskin on bass.

As an artist who values honesty, empathy, authenticity, and sincerity, Niki’s songs range from humorously self-deprecating to melancholic, and are generally earnest, genuine, and emotionally intense. She believes that making art is not just about the end product itself—art is ultimately about the world we live in, trying to make sense of it, as well as find meaning in it. She uses her songwriting as a tool to navigate the world, with the hopes that listeners can use her songs in a similar way.

This level of connection is what Niki hopes Endless Summer imparts. “This EP is about becoming an adult,” she shares. “I dedicated my early twenties to making the music in this record. I wrote about things that happened, moments that changed me.” Endless Summer is, in the artist’s words, one’s “early twenties, bottled into song form.”

“This EP is a big piece of my heart in that way.”

Photo by Shaira Luna


Raw songwriting, dreamy melodies, and soulful vocals come together in Niki Colet’s folk-inspired indie-pop music. Often drawing comparisons to Lana Del Rey, Joni Mitchell, Mitski, and Jeff Buckley, Niki writes earnest, heartfelt lyrics, and delivers them with a uniquely haunting voice. Her love for movies and literature feeds her storytelling – often tinged with a sense of nostalgia, crystallizing even the simplest of moments into song form.

The singer-songwriter from Manila wrote her first song at the age of ten and has been continuing to make music since. Listeners have described the experience of listening to her music as akin to looking at an old photograph, like living in a memory where there are fuzzy edges, but the important details remain vibrant.


Cover photo by Shaira Luna