Satchmi’s 2nd Year Anniversary

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Rustic interiors, good coffee and best of all great music in the form of classic vinyl records are what Satchmi is all about. You could even listen to some demo records in their listening rooms using their signature Motorinos. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than that, it does!

The haven for vinyl records celebrated its 2nd year with a disco-themed anniversary last September 24, 2016. They opened their doors to everyone and had a long line piling up outside by 7pm. It’s a good thing they recently renovated a few months back because the store was jam-packed!


Satchmi had a lot going on during their anniversary. Prior to the event they held online contests and gave away a lot of freebies including “the most coveted” Motorino to lucky winners. There was also a photo contest called “Wall of Film” for the launch of Film Folk, a brand that keeps the art of film alive by selling analog cameras and film rolls. Being part of the media also had its perks. We were all given a gold pin with their signature “S” on it, which we wore all night. Kudos to Satchmi for making us feel extra special!

While waiting for the event to begin, some people sat around sipping on their coffees while the rest of the crowd took advantage of the free beer promised. 3 flavors of craft beers from Craftpoint were served: Blues, Rock and Jazz. Blues won as the crowd favorite and will now be a part of their menu. Now they’ve really done it! Whether you prefer coffee or beer, either of the two are perfect partners for listening to awesome music.

A familiar voice finally greeted everyone. It was Candy from Jam 88.3 hosting the event. Those who know her show “Sugar Rush” should know that a beautiful face hides behind the sweet voice we hear everyday.


Toni B jump-started the event by blowing everyone away as she began layering her voice over each other with a delay pedal for her sound check. She continued to work her magic with her keyboard, pedals and amazing voice as she sang her jazzy yet quirky originals such as “Bang Bang” and “Carnival”. I personally think that she has truly embodied her music from the way she dresses to the way she performs. I adored everything about her.


Next in the line-up was No Rome. It was my first time watching them and immediately I became a fan of their sick beats and bars. They sang a new song entitled “Money” and even impressed the crowd by squeezing in an impromptu freestyle rap during their set. Rome Gomez not being able to keep still on stage was definitely contagious. Everyone was either bobbing their heads, tapping their feet or low-key dancing in place.


Before the last act, Miles Melferrari, the store’s merchandising officer gave a short speech thanking everyone and mentioned a few announcements.

Tandems ’91 finally brought the house down for the night with their electronic beats. When they played “At Last” live, I knew I found the song that would forever remind me of that night. It got some people dancing and some fans singing along. To top it all off, they got everyone else singing along to their cover of “Ang Huling El Bimbo”. (They did this at Scout Summer Camp as well, maybe it’s a tradition of theirs?)


I can’t seem to find the right words to truly describe Satchmi’s 2nd year anniversary. All I know is that I enjoyed every bit of it and many will share my sentiments. I finally understand why the hashtag of the night was “#SatchmiFever” because that’s what it will leave you with. The atmosphere, the great live music, the vibe of the crowd created an incredible night that was definitely one for the books.

For those of you who actually finished this article, I have saved the best for last. Satchmi announced that they’ll be opening a new branch at UP Town Square! So stay tuned for updates!