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If you’re a music lover, you’ll love this day – most of all, if you’re into old-school Vinyl Records.

Last Saturday we celebrated Satchmi’s 5th Annual Vinyl Day at The Eye at Green Sun. The day was complete and set-up for the music lover in need of new records if ever they have a vinyl player – may it be the old school vinyl player of the past or the newer models from Motorino or from some modern brand, they have the vinyl for whatever groove you have for your ears and your soul’s pleasure.

I, myself, always wanted to have a vinyl player; not ’cause I want to go hipster and brag that I have that type of setup, it’s just that it’s very different from the usual method of listening to music. We also have to admit that really, it doesn’t just please the ear, but it also pleases the eye; nowadays we don’t get turned on when we see the usual cd player, or even when we go to our laptops or our smartphones for music. The software interface might be pleasing the eye, but nothing really beats the sight of a record turning, the scratching of the pin as the music begins, and the music that comes after it. I imagine a comfy, and homey setup with just a lamp shade, lighting up your vinyl player and its speakers, a wine glass, and good ol’ soulful music to turn your soul on.

True to that, the day was adorned with sets of vinyl players, with lights surrounding them, and with different booths surrounding it; from Satchmi’s set-up in the middle of The Eye, we have our Vinyl Records presented by genre; from soul to indie, from what’s old and gold to the new and upcoming, they have the records for you. Ranging from 1,500.00 php to almost 3000.00 php for some, with a discount of about up to 30% off for all records, you can have your The Beatles collection or Bruno Mars, or even the Killers or the Shins for your tastes. Motorino Vinyl Record players were also on sale, and I was very hard-pressed not to bring out my card and come out of Green Sun carrying a new vinyl player. I REALLY WANTED TO, but if that means me and my mom won’t get to eat for a month, I have to think twice.

Going back to that day, the records were a part of that but it was what accompanied it that made the day awesome; people from all walks of life – from hipsters, teenagers, and even those that are young at heart were around the place. We have craft beer selling their produce at 100.00 php to 120.00 php a bottle, we have artists selling their merch, we have a booth for that sells film – for film camera enthusiasts. We see people carrying Lomo cameras, I even saw somebody walk with a Leica complete with its flash at its helm, shooting with us at the from of the stage.

Yes, on stage; it was not just a setup for selling, it was pretty much a celebration of music, and such musical gigs would not be complete without the artists that produce them. The line-up for the live acts for that day was just as tempting as the Vinyl Records on sale.

Albeit We are Imaginary’s absence that night due to unforeseen circumstances, the night still had a very strong line-up; the live acts started with Over October, Ninno, and Nanay Mo (I only saw Nanay Mo perform today. And the announcer announcing “Nanay Mo is now on stage” made me think of a corny joke which I won’t tell here cause I might get kicked out from writing here LOL)

With Over October starting the music up, Ninno bringing the beats up, and Nanay Mo rocking up the crowd, and as the day goes into the night with their opening acts, it was very promising. I was shooting since Ninno got on stage, and I was beginning to anticipate a night of shooting with less light than I wanted to, but then the next acts we’re coming up and I was told the light would be better.

And better it really was; I was beginning to wonder why the walls that made up the Eye was not projecting their usual visuals but it wasn’t due to come on until after Nanay Mo finished on stage; as the ambient lights dimmed, and as the strobes begin to focus on stage, as the crowd began to stand up and go closer to the stage, and as Tom’s Story was finishing their sound check, and as the host warned that the visuals might harm people who have sensitive eyes and officially started the event, my hopes soared high; not cause finally we shooters get to have a better light to shoot, but a scene unfolding in front of me bit by bit is an experience I’d always want to observe and feel.

It was the music that got to me that night; as the crowd cheered on for Tom’s Story, and as the artists switched to Oh Flamingo’s Jumpy and awesome music, to Outer Hope’s Easing and Bedroom beats,  to Ben and Ben’s vibrant and lively folk music, to Jess Connelly’s Soulful RnB music slaying the night (I ain’t supposed to be biased but this is the first time I saw and heard her. Needless to say, after that, she owned my playlist and my heart like, totally. Hart Hart.), to the #mysterymonsters revealed as the Cheats elevating the hype up for that moment, to Apartel bringing on the Funk, and Finished off with Ang Bandang Shirley’s music, It was definitely a night to remember.

This is the first time I have attended Satchmi’s Vinyl day; I have always wanted to, and for this year I grabbed the opportunity with arms wide open. With what level this event have set the bar to expect for Every annual vinyl day moving forward, this is certainly an event that cannot be missed.

And I’ll be back next year for more; hopefully that time, with my own vinyl record from Motorino and some records to boot. 🙂

Here are more photos from the event: