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EDITOR: Correspondents’ NiMa Guzman and Jules Ruizol spent their Friday night last July 23 at a gig curated by She’s Only Sixteen’s frontman. Read about the happenings from the gig with a quirky name.

After a trying day, its great to go to a place you can call home. So from Makati, I convinced myself Route 196 (all the way in Katipunan), was just a hop, skip, and a jump away, and went home to beer, bar food, and some of the best live acts in the Metro. For the 23rd chilly night of July, Roberto Seña gathers some of the hottest acts in the indie scene to perform for Wow, Ganda! Jombagan, Nanstapan (wow, ganda talaga nung pangalan).

Setting the nanstap jombagan mood for the night was Lions & Acrobats, gracing us with a fun, energetic set, and new headbang-worthy material. The wild, flashing lights certainly helped put us all in a state.


You could tell by the way the girls moved toward the stage that Curtismith was up next. Despite his mic cable falling off, his flow and rhythm still made the crowd bounce, marking a good pre-game for him at Route that night before opening for Manila Killa at Black Market.


Cheats took over the stage and made their audience dance to their indie anthems, and filled Route with the sweet harmonies of vocalists Candy Gamos, Jim Bacarro, and Saab Magalona (hosting/spiel skills and jombagan skills of this band are very en pointe).


The host for the night takes the stage with his band She’s Only Sixteen, packing Route to its doors. Kudos to photographer, Jules, who successfully maneuvered her way in and to the front to get awesome photos of this band’s set.

I probably shouldn’t even mention how awesome Oh, Flamingo’s set was, because people singing back your guitar licks is proof enough that you are awesome. Always a fun band to watch, it still felt like the month of June as we all sang along to ‘June’ (both, lyrics and guitar lines).


Rusty Machines followed the trend of the night with wow, ganda songs, and Imelda ended it with the hardest hit, debuting a new song.

Route 196 is definitely a place I can call home; the people, fellow musicians and gig goers, are definitely family, and Wow, Ganda! Jombagan, Nanstapan was, for sure, a killer family night.